With paradisiacal scenarios, Alagoas is known as the paradise of the waters and offers many beauties to tourists

It is not by chance that Alagoas is known as the paradise of the waters, since its geographical location favors the coast, after all, they are 230 km of beaches. But, anyone who thinks that this is the only attraction of this treasure in the Northeast is wrong, the state is also crossed by the São Francisco River, the largest in Brazil and is composed of several lagoons that give rise to the name of some cities. Despite so much wealth, a good part of the country population still suffers from droughts, generating this contrast so present in the Alagoas scenario.

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Even with a small territory of 27.7 thousand km² (same size as Haiti), compared to other Brazilian states, Alagoas leaves anyone speechless with its preserved nature and diversity of tours that tourism is able to offer. Usually the starting point for this adventure is usually in the capital, Maceió, whose tourism is one of the main sources of economy. In addition to having a very inviting shore, ideal for a walk at dawn, or even to relax and contemplate the landscape, it offers a good structure of bars and restaurants. The beaches are considered the biggest attractions of Maceió, among them, Pajuçara, Ponta Verde and Jatiúca, Garça Torta, Pratagi, from the French. 

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The natural pools are also another postcard of the city, which can be accessed by rafts. In them it is possible to see with great clarity the marine life and all the wonders that the sea can offer. Another very common tour is the cliffs of Praia do Gunga and the buggy tours, which serve two modalities: with emotion, or without emotion. If you want to feel a little warmth in your heart, it's worth the experience. 

The coast of Alagoas is considered one of the most beautiful in the country and it is very common to hear the title of Brazilian Caribbean when referring to Maragogi, a municipality that is close to Maceió, just 130 km away. Travelers who are already delighted when they come across the capital, lose words when they arrive there, composed of paradisiacal beaches, perfect for diving and contemplation. The blue and crystalline sea is almost unbelievable to the eyes, surrounded by corals, which make a perfect contrast. Day trips are commonplace for Maragogi, but spend just one day in this paradise. 

Alagoas is a succession of impressive landscapes, with its greenish waters, which can be seen in other cities, such as Porto das Pedras, where Patacho Beach is located, and its incredible natural pools of warm turquoise water, surrounded by coconut trees. It is clear, São Miguel dos Milagres, where there are a beautiful barrier reef, coconut plantation farms and the meeting of the Tatuamunha river with the sea. And, to finish the itinerary of spectacular beaches, nothing better than Praias de Antunes.

In this paradise of waters, the sweetness of the rivers cannot be lacking either, since almost on the border with Sergipe, in Piaçabuçu, is the Foz do Rio São Francisco, also known as Velho Chico, which starts in Minas Gerais and runs through several states in the Northeast until pour into the sea. The boat ride is worth every second, not only for the view, but also for the calm atmosphere it provides. 

If you want to extend the freshwater route, the city of Piranhas should also be on the list, as it serves as a base for tours in the San Francisco Canyons, in addition to having historical relevance, as it was there that Lampião and his gang were murdered. 

And there's a lot more to explore in this water paradise, which is only small in size, but has natural beauties and stories that make Brazil proud. 


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