From north to south, Bahia offers paradisiacal landscapes, culture, joy and incredible attractions to tourists

The sun, the beach, the acarajé, a happy people and an explosion of culture, how to define Bahia in so few words? Describing the place that gave birth to Brazil is a huge responsibility, but one thing is for sure, from north to south, this state offers many attractions, rich in beauty, flavors, axé and a human warmth that only Bahians are capable of providing. 

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In addition to being of great importance to the history of the country, it is one of the most representative states in terms of tourism. In its territory there are 13 tourist areas that meet different motivations and it is even difficult to think of this list. However, if there is one place that is the face of Bahian versatility, it is its capital, Salvador. It is that destination for those who like to spend the day at the beach, but it is also perfect for lovers of museums, monuments and historical buildings. Among the places that cannot be left out of any itinerary are the Elevador Lacerda, Mercado Modelo, Basilica Nossa Senhora do Bonfim, Pelourinho and many others. And of course, trying the delights in the stalls that fill the streets of downtown is the best way to start this experience: feeling the true taste of Salvador. 

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Many say that Bahia is a place blessed for its natural wealth by the climate, as it is summer practically all year round, perhaps that is why it is a place where sadness does not live. When it comes to parties, Bahians take it seriously, but there is a place that deserves to be highlighted: Porto Seguro. Located in the south of the state, 700 km from Salvador, it is the city that leads the list of entertainment, offering tourists the best and largest structures of tents on the edges of the beaches, always watered with lots of dancing, music, shows and drinks. For those who like to party 24 hours a day, there is no better destination. Not to mention that Porto Seguro is also the starting point for many who want to go to Arraial d'Ajuda, Trancoso and even Caraíva. 

Now, when it comes to natural beauty, there are many options, such as Morro de São Paulo, which is attracting more tourists every day, due to its proximity to the capital, there are only 60 km that can be done via catamaran to the entrance to paradise. It is a small island, with incredible beaches and a good hotel and restaurant structure, for those who want to spend a few days of pure relaxation.

Another place that has been gaining strength is the Maraú Peninsula, located south of Salvador, 270 km. The trip is longer, but the reward is worth every minute, as on arrival, tourists are faced with beaches of almost untouched beauty, with natural pools, coconut trees and a peaceful atmosphere. Still in the South region, there are other very popular places among travelers, such as Ilheus and Itacaré, which are also impressive. 

And, of course, Chapada da Diamantina couldn't be missed, because Bahia's aren't just on the beach. The mecca of Bahian ecotourism, which has waterfalls, caves, viewpoints, rocks, wells, floating, climbing, trails and much more, boredom goes a long way. The scenery and views are fabulous, it's one of those experiences every adventurer needs to do once in a lifetime.

I could see that Bahia is really a privileged land, which leaves no one behind. Quietly, any tourist can spend a month in this paradise in the northeast of Brazil without knowing even a third of everything it has to offer. 


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