Ceará offers lots of salt water, sun, incredibly colorful cliffs, good cuisine and much more. Learn all about destiny!

What to expect from a destination with 570 km of coastline? Certainly lots of salt water and sun, but when it comes to the Ceará, it is worth including in this description, incredibly colorful cliffs and rafts to the sea, which make the look even more special. The talent of the locals also deserves to be recognized in the small, medium and immense open-air fairs that bring together the best of handicrafts, which bring references to indigenous culture.

Another way to be enchanted by the beauties of Ceará is to try the local cuisine, which brings typical dishes from the northeast of the country, such as northeastern couscous, carne de sol, moqueca and many others. 

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Every tourist who arrives in the capital, Strength, it gets confusing about which beach to visit as the options are endless. There are for those who prefer the more urban ones, such as Praia do Futuro, with 7 km long and a wide strip of sand that houses mega tents with restaurants, bars, swimming pools, wi-fi and plenty of comfort for those who want to spend the day. 

The Avenida Beira Mar promenade is another point frequented by tourists and locals, so it is very common to see people doing physical activities or even at the kiosks enjoying the weather. In this great avenue there is the trio of most urban beaches in FortalezaAttractions: Iracema, Mucuripe and Meireles, which, despite not being the most suitable for bathing, are good options for gathering friends and family. 

The delight of children and adults is also due to the Beach Park, a complex with a structure of more than 200,000 m² that brings together a Park, three Resorts and a hotel, in addition to a pleasant space on the beach of Porto das Dunas. The attractions please all audiences and all levels of adrenaline. 

A little further from the capital, just 30 km away, is Praia do Cumbuco, with calm waters and a lot of wind, which attracts kite surfers, who make the sky all colorful. It is a good choice for those who want to escape the hustle of the more central beaches, but without having to go far. 

One of the postcards of the state is the beach of Morro Branco, considered one of the most beautiful on the coast of Ceará and is a little further from the capital, 90 km, but it is worth it, as the scenery is surreal. Getting lost in the giant cliffs is worth the visit, next to the freshwater sources that are close to the sea. It's an unforgettable scene. 

Even with so many beach options, the most coveted destination on the coast is Jericoacoara, a fishing village that enchants for its simplicity and sandy floor. It's that minimalist trip, where you just need flip-flops and beachwear to live incredible moments on the dunes, buggy rides, lagoons and watching a sunset that is pure perfection. 

Ceará is one of the Brazilian states where even the hinterland is sought after by tourism, as is the case of the city of Juazeiro do Norte, which arouses the curiosity of many people. Not even the 500 km that separate it from Fortaleza are enough to scare away religious and devotees of Father Cícero, considered a miracle worker, who go there to see his giant statue. Sacred temples, handicraft centers and many historical, cultural and cordel sites are also part of the Juazeiro scene.  




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