Far from the traditional blocks, the carnival revelries and the electric trios, we separate some travel suggestions for those who want to escape the hustle of that time. Enjoy the landscapes spread across our country, the contact with nature or book the holiday to relax in some exclusive retreat, you will certainly have good days of rest and peace. From north to south, different paradisiacal scenarios can also be enjoyed without big crowds, pack your bags and choose your favorite. Check the selection:

Marajo Island, Soure - PA

the cinematographic Marajo Island it is almost always paradisiacal, being reserved for adventurers who enjoy the place and the natives who enjoy the beaches of the region. Destiny was already the stage for the No Limite edition in 2001, becoming even better known with the recording of the soap opera Amor Eterno Amor from the same station. Deserted beaches, horseback riding, canoeing in the middle of the streams and many outdoor activities provide unforgettable moments on the island.

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marajo islandmarajo soure island

Piratinga Ecovillage, Maraú Peninsula – BA

if the Maraú Peninsula is already incredibly beautiful on its own, some other characteristics can make fate even more irresistible. In the midst of the natural oasis, the community piracanga It's one of those retreats that change our lives forever. The community works as a Center for the Realization of Being, in a very well preserved and exclusive region, offering unique experiences to visitors who choose the destination to take days of leisure and reflection. Courses, events and countless activities make up the program that promotes the expansion of consciousness through a simpler, ecological and spiritual lifestyle.


Pousada Reserva do Patacho, Porto de Pedras – AL

The paradisiacal Praia do Patacho, in Porto de Pedras, can be the ideal choice for couples in love or for those who want a destination to rest in the Brazilian Northeast. An immense sea of clear water runs along the entire stretch of sand, protected by coconut trees that disappear into the horizon. The inn Patacho reserve, is one of those charming developments that offers exclusive accommodation, in all there are only 6 chalets spread across the inn. Have a piece of paradise all to yourself!

11229420_685526331576693_2512709675129165927_opatacho beach

Zu Lai Temple, Cotia – SP

The largest Buddhist temple in Latin America is located in the interior of the state of São Paulo, in the municipality of Cotia. There are 10 thousand square meters of built area, with most of the materials imported from China, the temple has become a part of the country in Brazilian lands and an important space that disseminates the teachings of Buddhism through numerous activities. The temple is not just restricted to adherents of the religion, being visited every year by thousands of tourists who appreciate the calm and serenity of the place.

5923827054_dddf32f712_ztemple zu lai pictures

Green Arca, São Francisco de Paula – RS

In São Francisco de Paula, in Rio Grande do Sul, the Institute and Ecovillage green ark It is a retreat that seeks to rescue the principles of sustainable living by providing a great exchange of knowledge and learning in the midst of nature. In addition to occasional visits, those interested can also volunteer with prior appointment to contribute and enjoy the benefits of the ecovillage.

Rio Grande do Sul ecovillageecological communities in rio grande do sul

Dharma-Shala Inn, Paraty – RJ

In charming Paraty, on the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, the Dharma-Shala Inn is in the center of the Ecovillage Goura Vrindávana. The inn offers a cozy atmosphere for those who want to relax on holiday, knowing more about the daily life of an alternative community. Some activities such as waterfall meditation, yoga and therapies are also practiced with guests. Surrounded by the Atlantic Forest, the rustic development combines comfort and simplicity to enjoy unforgettable days in the midst of nature.

Dharmashala Paraty Innyoga in Paraty Dharmashala inn

Paraíso dos Pândavas Resort, Alto Paraíso de Goiás – GO

In front of Chapada dos Veadeiros, the Resort Paradise of the Pandavas is in the heart of the mystical city of Alto Paraíso de Goiás. Beautiful landscapes, viewpoints, trails in the mountains and a program full of attractions will make your carnival even more surprising. The resort also offers tours of the main waterfalls, yoga retreats and visits to the destination's best-known attractions, such as the Moon Valley and the Maytreia Garden.

moon valeda4retreat in chapada dos veadeiros

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