With a beautiful coastline, Paraíba impresses even the most demanding tourists with its paradisiacal scenery. 

Of the states located in the Brazilian Northeast, it is the one that least attracts travelers, but this is starting to change, because the beauties of Paraíba are being discovered and the best thing is that they go far beyond beaches and landscapes. 

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A well-organized and tree-lined capital, João Pessoa, or Jampa for the intimate, is the third oldest city in the country, which gives it a dose of respect and wisdom, hidden in its historic center, composed of beautiful architectural complexes such as the Church Nossa Senhora do Carmo and the Casarão de Azulejos.

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Walking through this area is a true contemplation, but it is also a way to acquire knowledge about the local history, and consequently, of Brazil, when visiting the São Francisco Cultural Center, which is a historic complex with Baroque-style churches, which still has two museums.

What many do not know is that João Pessoa is also a destination that appeals to tourists for its cost-effectiveness. Unlike cities that exude glamor and ostentation, the simple atmosphere of the place can be noticed by the prices of the beach stalls: fair and ideal for those who like to spend the day with a lot of caipirinha, without having to pay a small fortune. In fact, in the urban part of the capital is Tambaú beach with a very inviting boardwalk, with flowers, lively kiosks and agencies that offer boat trips to the natural pools of Picãozinho, which are a must! 

Another unmissable destination in the capital is Praia do Bessa, where it is common to find people practicing sports, such as stand up paddle and kayak. However, what makes it so special is the 4 km preserved corals, which separate the shallow part of the high seas to an area with a surreal look of transparent waters. This region became known as “Caribessa” or the “Caribbean of Paraíba”. 

The real jewels of the coast are a little further away, just 20 km from João Pessoa, in the municipality of Conde, you will come across Coqueirinho, a beach, as you would expect, a beach with coconut trees and cliffs, which is even more beautiful with the green sea, with warm waters. Next to it is Tambaba, the first nude beach in Brazil. 

Like any city that honors the Northeastern blood, the party could not be left in the background and this is the case of Campina Grande, stage of the largest São João in the world, where the June celebrations last the entire month. During this period, there are more than 300 gangs that perform in the city in a contagious atmosphere like the accordion, triangle and zabumba that are heard in the streets.

In Campina Grande, another point worth remembering is Vila do Artesão, where you can try the food of the region and buy a variety of wood products, lace, colored cotton, clay, among other materials handmade by the locals. Paraíba is that place where you arrive with low expectations, but leave with the feeling that you have lived unforgettable moments, and of course, wanting to return. 


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