Piauí brings together lots of sun, incredible landscapes and unmissable natural treasures. Learn all about destiny!

If you're looking for heat, don't Piauí there's plenty! To give you an idea, the average annual temperature in the state is as high as 28°C, that is, concerns about bad weather, cold, or even rain are not part of the routine of residents or tourists who choose the place to spend their days. vacation.

Despite being a little sought after destination for tourism, its attractions and natural beauties surprise visitors, who are always left with a taste for more.

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attractions in Piauí


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Teresina is the only capital of the Brazilian Northeast which is not bathed by the sea, which explains the low adherence of travelers. However, those who venture to spend a few days in the region will not regret it, as its climate is very pleasant and welcoming.

It has already received the nickname of Cidade Verde, as it is full of parks and squares, which blend in with urban points. In addition, there is a great choice of art and craft samples that delight the eyes, along the trails, viewpoints and walks along the Poty and Paranaíba Rivers, which cross the site, not to mention the museums, churches and even the palace that make up the circuit. historic. 

Even with a capital without a supply of salt water, anyone who thinks that there is no sea and sand in the region is wrong. For those who cannot spare a day at the beach, the Piauí coast, despite being small, with only 66 km in length, leaves nothing to be desired.

360 km from Teresina is the Balneário de Luís Correia, the most famous composed of several beautiful beaches, with turquoise blue sea, as is the case of Praia de Macapá, which is between the mouth of the Macapá river and the ocean, that is, it still has a mix of fresh and salt water. It's impressive! 

In the region is also an almost deserted beach, called Carnaubinhas, with native forest and white sand dunes, however, access is only possible with 4×4 vehicles, as the entire stretch of road has stones and sand. But, when you arrive there, the atmosphere is one of tranquility, with a setting surrounded by carnaubas, a kind of palm tree, also known as the tree of life, for having several uses. 

Those who visit the coastal region usually take advantage of a trip to Paranaíba, the base city to discover all the majesty of the Delta do Paranaíba, the most popular tour in Piauí. It has gained fame for being part of the Rota das Emoções, which starts in Jericoacoara (CE), passes through Lençois Maranhenses (MA) and ends in the Delta, which is why it has become increasingly known among travelers who appreciate a roots experience. 

visit the Delta do Parnaíba It is an unforgettable experience, made up of long boat rides, with views of streams, which are small streams, between two islands, or between an island and the mainland, which only allows small boats to pass through. And there is still the meeting between river and sea to make this immersion in nature complete. 

In fact, nature is generous in this part of the northeast. 200 km from the capital is the Sete Cidades National Park, which presents visitors with rock formations, originating from the movement of tectonic plates. For those who like this type of scenery, the Archaeological Site of the Serra da Capivara National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it houses an area of more than 129 thousand hectares, more than 900 archaeological sites, where it is possible to see paintings and rock engravings that are between 6 and 22 thousand years old.

Whatever you want, you can find it at Piauí, with lots of sun, landscapes and unmissable natural treasures. 


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