With stunning landscapes, dunes and incredible beaches, Rio Grande do Norte pleases even the most demanding tourists. 

THE large northern river is one of the paradises of the Brazilian northeast. Its famous dunes attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to stroll through all corners of buggy, discovering the most spectacular landscapes that only the potiguar land can offer. And of course, on a ride filled with lots of fun and excitement. It is also there that some important events for the country take place, such as the International Handicraft Fair (FIART), Carnival, June parties and Christmas celebrations, always watered with a lot of heat.   

Attractions in Rio Grande do Norte

large northern river

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Attractions will not be lacking on this trip, especially in Christmas, capital of the state and the most sought after place by tourists, who are enchanted mainly by the coast, since the climate is more than favorable for the beach, after all, almost every day is sunny. From North to South, the options are endless, starting with the darling Ponta Negra, a very busy beach, with bars and restaurants on its shore. There is also one of the postcards of Natal, Morro do Careca, a dune over 100 m high, which is located by the sea. 

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It's not just on the coast that the city lives, the historic center also deserves to be remembered, after all it is composed of super charming streets and points of contemplation, such as the Forte dos Reis Magos, which guarantees incredible photos. And of course, there are museums, churches and a lot of handicrafts to do those shopping. Not forgetting the biggest cashew tree in the world that is even in the Guinness Book, book of records, due to its size. To give you an idea, it has 8,500 m² of canopy and produces an average of 70,000 fruits per harvest, the equivalent of more than 2 and a half tons of cashew. It's impressive! 

In addition, Natal is also a starting point for several other cities, whether for a day trip, or even spending a few days. Maracajaú is a good option, as it is only 65 km from the capital, and there are formations of coral reefs and natural pools for those who want to know more about marine life. Pipa is another point that should be on any list, it's a super charming village just 85 km away, it's pure contact with nature, which by the way, impresses with its preservation. 

All the charm of the interior of Rio Grande do Norte is also in São Miguel do Gostoso, with a rustic air, for those looking for an experience without luxuries, after all, its streets are still dirt, but the view is surprising: paradisiacal beaches, like Tourinhos, which has dunes and rock formations and Ponta do Santo Cristo, whose strong winds attract fans of kitesurfing and windsurfing.  

Now for those who want a total disconnection, in a paradise that escapes the traditional tourist routes, Galinhos is the perfect place. It is an even smaller village, which despite being close to Natal, is only 90 km away, has a more complicated access, as all the streets are sandy.

To get there, you have to go by boat or 4×4 vehicles, but all this difficulty is what guarantees an exclusive, isolated and peaceful place to enjoy the sea in greenish tones, with crystal clear waters. The biggest proof that Natal is a possible paradise, with a good structure of hotels and charming attractions. This is just the beginning. 

large northern river

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