The state with the fewest inhabitants in the Brazil, offers countless options for tourists who do not want an adventure. Roraima, in the extreme north of the country, has a somewhat isolated geography, compared to the rest of the states, but in the eyes of tourists, this is actually a great treasure, after all, it is one of the most sought after places by those who want to know the piece of Amazon with less human interference. The important thing is to be prepared for a rustic and almost wild experience. 

If you choose to also know a more historical and urban part, the most indicated stop is Good view, the capital and also the largest municipality of Roraima. Well known for its squares, it is that trip that provides pleasant and peaceful moments, with an interior atmosphere.

attractions in Roraima


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It is worth including Anauá Park, Bosque dos Papagaios, Praça das Águas, Praça do Mirandinha and Orla Taumanã in the list. It is worth remembering that Boa Vista is on the banks of the Rio Branco, which leads many residents and tourists to venture into water sports, such as windsurfing, zip-lining, rappelling and others. And to close this tour with a flourish and in the heights, there is practice of skydiving in the region of Barra do Vento.

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For the group of waterfalls, two other municipalities that cannot be missed are Macujai, with rock formations and even an area for fishing and Iracema, where the Campos Novos region is located, which brings together mountains and many waterfalls.

The two places are still little explored by tourism, but they guarantee good experiences and landscapes, always in contact with nature, as is the case of Normandy, a city where the majestic Lake Caracarana (which is part of the Raposa Serra do Sol indigenous reserve), with crystal clear waters and many legends. 

Is at Roraima also that adventurers find one of the most challenging experiences in Brazil, climbing the second highest mountain in the country, Mount Roraima in a trekking that will require a lot of physical preparation and disposition. There are 2700 meters of climbing, which usually takes 4 days to get to the top and back. However, it is something that goes far beyond a walk, as it attracts even scholars, scientists looking to find unique species of fauna and flora and, of course, people looking for connection. 

On this journey it is possible to visit some points, such as the Triple Border, one of the highest points in the country, which marks the border between Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana, with an incredible view; Vale dos cristals, which is full of crystals, as the name implies, which are even more beautiful with the incidence of the sun; El Foso and its spine-tingling waterfall and others like Maverick Stone, Jacuzzi, Abyss and Indian Viewpoint.

To finish with even more adventure, the Serra do Tepequém, in Amajarí, on the border with Venezuela, offers several options for tours related to ecotourism, the main one being the plateau. It is the highest point of the mountain, with 1100 meters, if you are willing to face this ascent, but along the way there are streams to refresh yourself, rapids and contemplate a unique view. The Tepequém region is also full of waterfalls. 


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