Discover the photobook, a tangible and differentiated way to keep the best memories of your travels

These days, it is practically impossible to think about traveling and not taking souvenir photos or sharing them on social networks. Sharing these special moments with friends and family, recording your travels and photographing beautiful landscapes is simply wonderful.

With the cell phone in hand, the records become very practical and easy to disclose. However, most of these memories, memories and good times end up getting lost on some external hard drive, in a folder that mixes with other computer files or on a pen drive that is kept in the drawer.

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How then to find another way to immortalize such special moments? A really cool idea is create a travel photo book, turning your photos into a lifetime memory.

For those who don't know, the photobook is an alternative to the classic Photo album, where the images are printed on the pages themselves with an amazing finish and personalized as you prefer. The result, in addition to being beautiful, is a way of keeping records that marked important phases of our lives.

More than gathering photos of special travel moments, the photo books tell stories – and funny and moving cases abound in a travel, huh? You can customize as you see fit, making it more fun, romantic or fun.

Transform your travel photos into a personalized photo book. Photo: Disclosure

You travel photo books they are very resistant and can be stored for years, really working to immortalize special moments of your script. It's also a great gift to give to someone who has shared these experiences with you, whether it's your family, friends, companions, or others.

The photobook is, without a doubt, a tangible and durable way of honoring some of the best moments of our lives: travel. And the best part is that it is very easy to transform your travels in a photobook, even for those who have no concept of design and diagramming.

THE nicephotos, a Brazilian company that develops photos online and has been working with these services for more than fifteen years, provides a very practical and intuitive platform, where anyone can create their travel photo book with complete creative freedom.

Travel Photobooks: How Does It Work?

THE nicephotos provides more than 150 unique photo book themes of travel, some even with pre-defined designs for destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando, Africa, Argentina, Northeast and many others. There are also models that are compatible with places like snow, beach, romantic destinations, adventure, in short, whatever your style of travel and photography.

To create your photobook, just access the website of nicephotos, choose the model of your photobook, the theme that you like the most, define the size and the number of photos you want to insert. The system, made available for free by the company, is quite intuitive, there is no secret to leaving your photobook the way you imagined it. In the next step, you upload your favorite photos, and you can even import them from Facebook albums. After uploading the images, just select and choose which pages they will be on.

The coolest thing is that you have complete autonomy to create your photobook and the platform allows it to be fully customized, being possible to play with the layout including texts, variety of backgrounds, fun stickers and layout options to make it unique, as well as those special moments of your trip.

Nicephotos: Your travel photos in a completely personalized book. Photo: Xisdom/Pixabay

Which travel photo book template to choose?

THE nicephotos currently offers three photo book templates for you to choose from, each with its own graphic specifications. If you don't understand very well the difference between paper weights, finishing, among other details, we'll explain one by one so you can choose your favorite.

the model of Traditional Photobook is the most popular and has the most themes available for you to choose and customize as you wish. It has a hard cover and 170g coated paper inside. You can choose from different sizes and formats, as well as determine the number of pages.

THE Slim Photobook It is another very nice model and a novelty on the market, it offers more rigid sheets than the traditional one, with coated paper weights of 500g (medium thickness) or 800g (large thickness). He is the ideal photobook for those who want a differentiated finish. You know that beautiful photo that stands out among all of your trip? In this template it is possible to include 180º panoramic photos on a double page.

The other option is the model of Premium Photobook, which is the most sophisticated of all and should be chosen to immortalize those trips and more than special moments. This one photobook It is made with photographic paper, which leaves the definition of the perfect images after printing. The model has 720g of weight, in addition to offering the option of panoramic photos and a varnish finish, which leaves the result incredible.

Whatever the choice, the photobook is a product that immortalizes moments and a different way of keeping good memories of your trip. See how easy it is to assemble your travel photo book:

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