From 2022 access to Venice will be controlled. The city of Venice will have a system of turnstiles activated through an application to control the entry of tourists into its historic center.

the project of turnstiles in venice has been analyzed since 2018, and now it is a fait accompli, from the summer of 2022 onwards to enter the beautiful Venice, a city on the water, it will be necessary to go through turnstiles. This should have happened as early as 2020, but it was postponed due to the pandemic.

Will Venice charge tickets?

This is the unanswered question: tickets to enter Venice?

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In fact, the idea is control the entry of tourists and charge the fee only to those who do not stay overnight in the historic center of the city. Even after the pandemic, the city has already reached the rate of 80,000 tourists a day. The fee will be 8 euros (with variations), being around R$50 reais, based on the current exchange rate of the euro. The turnstile system will be activated through an application. This initiative was announced on 07/11/2021 by the Mayor Luigi Brugnaro and aims to minimize mass tourism, because everything that Venice it's beautiful, it's fragile.

“There will be turnstiles, as well as those on the market, and it will be possible to pass with an app, based on availability at the moment. Citizens will always have the turnstile password, but visitors will have it during their stay,” said Brugnaro.

These rules were approved by 22 of the 33 local representatives present at the vote.

Brugnaro points out that it is something new, there will be difficulties but that Venice will not give up on it. It is intended with this collection to take advantage of the large flow of tourists in the city, which sometimes overcrowd and force prices to rise too much. The maintenance of the city and its historical collection will be included within these values.

New rules for visiting Venice

rules for visiting Venice

Photo: Federico Beccari / Unsplash

For those of you who plan to visit the city, these new rules, while adding an extra expense, should not be frowned upon, as the city will have fewer visitors at the same time, leaving the places more spacious and prices tend to fall.

Some say the entrance fee is “just like a museum”, and it is. We emphasize that there is an exemption from the fee in certain cases: children under 6 years old, sportsmen, fans of any sport arriving in public vehicles and institutional authorities. Residents, workers and students will have free access.

Turnstiles, tickets and advance reservations

venice italy

Photo: Dan Novac / Unsplash

For tourists staying in hotels in the region, there will be no added value and entry and exit is completely free. For cruise tourists (since 01/08, ships are prohibited from docking in the historic center of Venice) or those known as “hit and return”, these will have to book in advance and pay the fee. The value varies from 3 to 10 Euros between low and high season respectively. It is understood that these tourists spend nothing or almost nothing in the city due to not landing there and sometimes not even eating in a restaurant and, as a consequence, overcrowding the historic center. The release of the turnstiles will happen through an application.

Turnstile or no turnstile, it is undeniable that visiting Venice is special, an atypical city, full of unusual things, lots of good food. Before entering a restaurant in Venice, note that two values are charged: the price of the service (coperto) and the percentage of taxes (servizio) that are included in the bill. Some restaurants already have these fees included in the final price.

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