Called “Jump”, Uber’s new bikes should start circulating in São Paulo this year

The system called Jump, was acquired by Uber in May 2018 and is already in effect in ten cities across the United States. In a press release, Ryan Rzepecki, founder of the company, promises that soon the service will also arrive on Europe and not Brazil.

This way of getting around is not even that new, but little by little we see more and more fans walking the streets. In addition to being easier and healthier, cycling on a daily basis also brings numerous benefits to the environment, solving two old and well-known problems in big cities: pollution and traffic.

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More and more people are rethinking the use of traditional transport. Amsterdam, the “cycling capital”, is one of the greatest symbols of sustainable mobility. THE Netherlands, in turn, is also the only European country that has more bicycles than inhabitants, according to a study carried out by the Danish consultancy Copenhagenize.

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In Sao Paulo there was a 34% increase in the number of trips made by bikeshare services, and companies such as Yellow, already provide bikes in some parts of the capital of São Paulo. But the great differential offered in this service by Uber is the bikes electric vehicles, which makes it even easier to get around in a city full of ups and downs like São Paulo.

How does Uber's bikeshare service work?

To use the transport, according to Uber, users will only need to choose in the app itself whether they prefer to “travel” or “cycle”, then just enter the PIN and that's it. After arriving at your destination, you don't need to look for a dock, just leave it there and continue with your activities. Very practical, isn't it?

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