To explore places that go beyond Floripa, discover a little more about the cities of Santa Catarina that enchant with their typical culture and various attractions

Of course, most Brazilians know Santa Catarina, or at least want to visit. The site is home to the large island of Florianopolis, best known by tourists because of the beaches and nightlife, which ends up attracting young people and surfers. But, what are the other wonders that this place hides?

If you want to discover the beaches in Santa Catarina and some local curiosities, which are a little out of mainstream, this is your guide text. We separate some little known destinations of the region, where you can enjoy it with more tranquility, without so many tourists. Will you miss this opportunity?

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Check out 10 little known destinations in Santa Catarina


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A place that could start to receive more attention from tourists is Indaial, one of the cities of Santa Catarina that are worth knowing. The place is usually used as a stopping point or rest point by travelers, but it offers many activities, such as walking along the Ponte dos Arcos, built over the river that cuts through the territory, or even venturing into rafting through the waters of the current.

Porto Belo

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Stopping point for ocean liners, Porto Belo has most of the best beaches in Santa Catarina. The location is part of thealmost unknown” because it receives a large number of tourists annually. But, it is worth knowing, since on its central island it is possible to visit an archaeological site, go on ecological trails and even bathe in calm and crystalline waters.

Saint joaquim

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Other little known cities of Santa Catarina, but that deserves your attention is São Joaquim. There, contrary to what many people think about the state and its reputation for beautiful beaches, the city's main attraction is the snow. Tours and activities are popular during the cold weather, but don't forget to visit the local Winery, which offers tastings at the end of each tour.


Photo: Apiúna Tourism Portal

Like Indaial, Apiúna is crossed by the Itajaí Açu River and tourists have a party when they visit the city, because in addition to experiencing extreme sports in these waters, they can also venture into the more than 100 waterfalls spread across the territory. Among the most popular activities are: rafting, abseiling and mountaineering.


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If you like ecotourism and places with traces of European culture, one of the cities of Santa Catarina that you need to know is Ascurra. There it is possible to do cycling, trekking, hiking, discovering waterfalls and still having panoramic views of the place in the mountain viewpoints. In addition, explore the gastronomy and architecture with typical traits of European colonization.

San Francisco do Sul 

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One of the oldest cities in Brazil is part of our list of unknown destinations in Santa Catarina: San Francisco do Sul. Precisely for this reason, no visitor can miss the historic center, much less the archipelago that is part of the cultural construction of the place. With several beaches, the region also attracts those who enjoy salt water.


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An inland city, built on the basis of European immigration, the place is small but has many charms. Timbó contains the Freymund Germer Ecological Park, one of its highest points, perfect for those who want to camp or practice free flight. But all tourists also need to know the Represa do Rio Benedito, which gathers the city center.

Benedict Novo 

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Belonging to the European Valley, with traces of the colonization of Germans, Italians and Poles, Benedito Novo is one of the cities of Santa Catarina almost unknown. The place is also an ecotourism point and home for adventurers on duty, perfect for trekking, abseiling, canyoning, cascading and zip lining.


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Most of the beaches in Santa Catarina that still need more attention are located in Penha. The place is famous for hosting the Beto Carreiro World theme park, which attracts visitors from all over Brazil, but the beaches themselves are little known, so don't miss the chance to dive into virtually untouched beauties.


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In Corupá, the main attractions are linked to ecotourism. There are about 60 waterfalls spread across the region, which are part of the Waterfall Route, located in Parque Emílio Batista. In the city, it is possible to carry out activities such as trekking and abseiling, in addition to taking risks in the icy waters of the waterfalls.

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