With more than 30 beaches surrounded by large mountains and stunning vegetation, Ilhabela is one of the most coveted destinations on the north coast of São Paulo.

The archipelago has trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls and idyllic beaches. Viewpoints reveal breathtaking landscapes and a great structure welcomes visitors, with boardwalks ideal for seaside walks. 

For all these reasons, Ilhabela arouses so much interest among tourists. 

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There is a lot to do in Ilhabela and the beaches are certainly its main attraction. One is more beautiful than the other and has beaches for all tastes. 

The best beaches in Ilhabela to enjoy the sea can be found in two main areas of the island: the north and south of the island. 

The ones located in the central region – where the ferries arrive – are not suitable for bathing, but are ideal for enjoying the view and enjoying the waterfront full of bars and restaurants. 

Do you want to know which are the unmissable beaches to visit in Ilhabela?

So, check out our tips on the best places to enjoy in this paradise on the north coast of São Paulo.

Ilhabela: many unmissable beaches to discover

Ilhabela has more than 30 beautiful beaches and each one is worth visiting.

But, to help you choose among the best, we have prepared this list with the must-see beaches to visit in Ilhabela.

Sino beach

Ilhabela beaches

Photo: Camila Se Garcia / Wikimedia Commons

Praia do Sino has a calm sea and a strip of sand, surrounded by coconut trees and many rocks. It is a beautiful place with good structure to spend the whole day. 

Officially called Garapocaia, the beach became known for the bell sound that comes out of the rocks when the sea waters hit them. 

Praia do Sino is perfect for those traveling with children and for lovers of stand-up paddle and diving.

Praia da Feiticeira

Praia da Feiticeira has no structure. It is a haven of white sand and many coconut trees.

The strip of sand is short and surrounded by a luxury condominium. The sea is calm and looks like a large natural pool. 

It is the ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle of the urban beaches of Ilhabela.  

Jabaquara Beach

Photo: mlsouza85 / Wikimedia Commons

One of the best beaches in Brazil, Praia do Jabaquara is on the north end of the island. 

The wild landscape makes this beach very special: surrounded by mountains covered in green and bathed by a sea of crystalline waters in shades of blue.

Curral Beach

Photo: Acaidogeleia / Wikimedia Commons

Among the most famous beaches in Ilhabela is Praia do Curral. It has a very large strip of sand and a great structure of bars and restaurants.

The sea is calm and looks more like a large natural pool. The stones on the edges of the sand strip allow you to contemplate all the beauty of the place.

And the excitement is on account of the restaurants and bars that, in addition to delicious dishes and snacks, offer tables and chairs to sit and enjoy the view.

Veloso Beach

Neighboring Praia do Curral, Veloso is a stretch of sand further south of Ilhabela. 

With calm waters, Praia do Veloso is a place for those who want to enjoy the sea in peace, away from the hustle and bustle.

It is also perfect for diving and for families traveling with children.

Bonete Beach

Photo: Thiago Sieiro Cunha / Wikimedia Commons

It is not easy to get to Praia do Bonete, but all the effort is rewarded by the beauty of the place. 

Surrounded by green mountains, Bonete is ideal for those who enjoy wilder and quieter beaches. The river that flows there into the sea makes the place even more charming.

To get there, just by flexiboat or by a trail of about 12 km through Ilhabela State Park.

Juliao Beach

Praia do Julião is a complete place for those who want to enjoy the sea, perform water sports, try delicious dishes and enjoy until sunset.

Located in the south of the island, it has a calm and crystalline sea, great for the stand up paddle and kayaking.

Castilian Bay

Photo: Diego F. Gonçalves/ Flickr

The heart-shaped cove is already an invitation to discover the Bay of Castelhanos.

The sea is rough and has nuances of blue. The strip of sand is about 1.5 km long and is surrounded by large green slopes. The beautiful landscape can be admired from a viewpoint located in its right corner.

Castelhanos Bay has restaurants and good infrastructure to welcome visitors.  

Big beach

Praia Grande is well frequented and is three kilometers from Praia do Curral. 

It has a great structure and the prices of restaurants and bars are lower than in its neighbor. The waterfront also has a bike path, courts and sports equipment. 

With a very extensive strip of sand, Praia Grande is a tumble beach, so be aware of the sea depth that changes quickly.

Hunger Beach

Photo: Priscila Mayumi de Souza / Wikimedia Commons

Further away, Praia da Fome can only be accessed by sea.

There, the waters are green, as is the surrounding landscape. The sea is very calm and crystalline, perfect for snorkeling. The strip of sand is short, with many rocks that form small natural pools.


Also great for those looking for tranquility, Praia da Armação is one of those places to be in no hurry to leave. 

With only 650 meters long, the beach has a calm sea and full of turtles. It is perfect for practicing snorkeling and quite frequented by those who do stand-up paddle and kayak.

Did you see how many unmissable beaches to discover in Ilhabela? Include this amazing destination on the north coast of São Paulo in your travel plans for 2021. 

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