Find out what documents Brazilian tourists need to enter Portugal, according to new rules 

After a long period of restrictions and bans on non-essential travel, Portugal recently reopened the borders for Brazilian tourists who travel to the country in search of leisure. 

With new measures that allow flexibility in the rules, a period of quarantine is not necessary before the trip to enter Portugal, nor is proof of vaccination mandatory. However, the negative test COVID It's requirement

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We list below the necessary documentation for Brazilians who wish to visit the European country, according to the updated rules due to COVID.

New rules and borders in Portugal

Photo: Guido Radig / Wikimedia Commons

New rules for entering Portugal

What do Brazilians need before traveling? Among the usual documentation requested, in consideration of the current pandemic situation, the traveler must present:

  • Valid passport, valid for more than 3 months;
  • Round trip tickets;
  • International travel insurance, mandatory throughout Europe, with full coverage for your stay in the country;
  • Proof of accommodation (inn or hotel reservation) or invitation letter from a family member who will receive you;
  • Proof of financial stability to stay in the country during the trip;
  • Molecular PCR Test issued up to 72 hours before departure; 


  • rapid antigen test, with a maximum of 48 hours in advance.

The test result may be required at various times, from check-in to the immigration desk in the country. 

Children under 12 do not need to take the exam to enter Portugal.

It is important to remember that, as the rules have been reviewed by the Portuguese government every 15 days, the measures that allow the entry of Brazilian tourists are valid until September 16, varying according to the evolution of the epidemiological situation. 

And for essential travel?

The rules remain the same for those who need to enter the country for essential reasons:

  • Reason for study: student visa and acceptance letter from a university or course in the country must be presented;
  • Professional reason: a work visa is required, still requested in Brazil; 
  • Health reason: medical diagnosis attesting to the need for treatment in Portugal;
  • Humanitarian reasons: present a document issued by the institution which will provide community assistance. 
New rules traveling to Portugal

Photo: Alex Paganelli / Unsplash

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