Everyone who travels to the wonderful city looks for high points to admire the landscape, whether in well-known viewpoints or just in places that offer a more expanded view. Therefore, the services Helicopter overflight in Rio de Janeiro are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. One company that offers the option of a helicopter tour is vertical river.

Vertical Rio is a pioneer in Latin America to offer onboard photographic experiences. The big difference of this Rio helicopter tour is that the vehicle doors are removed, thus, it is much easier to photograph, whether in a more relaxed way or even for professional clicks.

But don't worry, the scenic flights they are super safe. Although they do not contain the doors, the belt system in the helicopter is reinforced and all customers receive pre-boarding training.

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Still not convinced? So let's ask some basic questions:

How much does a helicopter tour in Rio de Janeiro cost?


Vertical Rio: Helicopter overflight in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: Disclosure

The value of tours with Vertical Rio does not depend on the number of people on board. The normal price per person is around 600 reais, but promotions are constant. In addition, you don't need to have a group to complete the package, since at the time of booking the company joins other travelers to have the minimum number of departures.

So there's no problem if you want to make a scenic flight by helicopter in Rio de Janeiro alone. However, it is important to pay attention to the timetable, always arriving an hour in advance, because other passengers are taking off with you. It's not nice to keep people waiting, right?

What is the itinerary for helicopter flights in Rio de Janeiro? 

Another frequent question is the roadmap that the company offers. With the vertical river, as one of the objectives of the tour is photos, you are free to choose the points you want to visit and photograph, but helicopters leave from Jacarepaguá airport every day of the week.

Some places are better known, such as Cristo Redentor, Pão de Açúcar, Copacabana Beach, Morro do Vidigal and many others. But if you want to change this itinerary and diversify the attractions a little, feel free! Remembering that the routes last about 30 minutes, so there is time to see a lot.

What happens in case of bad weather? 

For everyone's safety, in case of heavy rains and winds, aircraft cannot take off. An important tip is to mark your helicopter flight in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the trip, so if anything happens, you can still fly over the Marvelous City on the other days.

As for the seasons of the year, there is no one superior to the other. Many people have the illusion that summer will always be better because of the beaches, but when it comes to scenic flight, it makes no difference. So, feel free to schedule your tour on the date you prefer, because there is no better time of year to fly over.

How do reservations and the payment system work? 

to schedule a panoramic flight in Rio de Janeiro with Vertical is very easy, just go to the helicopter overflights and go to reservations. There you can specify everything you need, the number of passengers and even add a discount if you have one.

To make the payment, you will receive the ticket with all the booking information in your email. And if you want to gift someone with a Rio helicopter tour, the procedure is the same.


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