Two neighboring cities, which on one side offer incredible beaches and natural beauties and on the other a lot of stories to tell, Victory, capital of Holy Spirit and old village, which has the largest population in the state, are approximately 10 km away. From so close, its sights mix, so it is almost impossible to put together a unified tourist itinerary. However, one thing is certain, no matter which side, the Espírito Santo landscapes and the strong presence of indigenous culture in the region enchant visitors, who want to know every bit and flavor of this Brazilian territory. 

Attractions in Vitoria and Vila Velha

Vitória Vila Velha

Photo: Vila Velha/ MTur

Are you planning a trip to Vitória and Vila Velha?  Victory It is a pleasant place all year round, the average temperature is usually 23°C, which favors tourists who love long walks and sunny days. After all, enjoying a beach cannot be missed on this trip, especially when we talk about Camburi, one of the most urban in the capital, with a large and structured shore to exercise and even taste the seafood moqueca, a typical dish of the region. 

Praia da Curva da Jurema and Praia da Costa are beautiful and clean. At Costa there is still a ground zero and an extensive strip of sand, which are even more special with the scenery composed of rocks and greenish water. Spending the day in one of them is something extremely pleasant. If you have a little extra time, it is worth extending the trip to Ilha do Boi and Ilha do Frade, which have stunning views and nature. 

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To learn more about the history of the state, it is worth including the Penha Convent, which is at 154 meters of altitude, on top of a cliff, which still guarantees an incredible view from above. All the majesty of Palácio Anchieta cannot be forgotten either, after all, it is one of the oldest seats of government in the country, where its interior can be visited. The Metropolitan Cathedral also enchants architecture lovers, with its neo-Gothic features and stained glass windows.

I don't know how to delight in the Garoto Chocolate Factory and its immense sheds. Inside, there is also the chocolate museum and the brand's shop, where visitors indulge in shopping for this fresh delicacy. To guarantee another typical souvenir, the best place is the Galpão das poteiras de guava trees, where a cooperative works that produces the famous artisan pots made of clay, considered an intangible heritage of the Brazil by Iphan. 

An important point of Vitória and Vila Velha is the Third Bridge, which connects the two cities, in addition to being the largest construction in the state and one of the postcards of Espírito Santo. It is approximately 3 km long and 70 m high, which still provides a beautiful view. 

The more adventurous also have a place to call their own, Morro do Moreno, which offers numerous activities such as abseiling, climbing, hiking and paragliding. In addition, it is surrounded by natural pools and calm seas, ideal for snorkeling. 

After all that, if you still have energy, be sure to enjoy the Capixaba nightlife at Praia do Canto, which comes alive with its bars and restaurants, in the area known as the Bermuda Triangle. 

Vitória and Vila Velha 

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