Erected between the clear waters of the Atlantic and the high mountains present throughout the region, the capital of Espírito Santo has tropical climates throughout the year, and is a great option for those who love to enjoy beaches, history and gastronomy.

Founded in 1551 Vitória has an older historic center than São Paulo and Ouro Preto (MG). The city can be divided basically into three tourist centers, starting with the center (upper city), where historic buildings in excellent condition are concentrated, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral, Theatro Carlos Gomes and the Anchieta Palace – one of the government headquarters.

The second part is the Praia do Canto neighborhood, which offers the best structure for travelers. In this part of the city there are several hotels, restaurants and shops. Finally, Praia de Camburi, the most famous and busiest in the city – also with a high concentration of dining and accommodation options. There are also several schooners for tours departing from there.

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Built between the sea and the mountain, Victory It has different stairs that connect the upper and lower parts of the city. Among the various stairs that beautify the center is Maria Ortiz, the best known of all. The name is a tribute to one of the greatest icons in the fights against the Dutch invaders, in 1625.

Capixaba cuisine has a differential in relation to other typical regional dishes in Brazil. The food offered in Victory, as well as in other cities in the Holy Spirit, is the product of a special mix of cultures, both of European colonizers and of Indians and Africans. Among the most famous typical dishes are Torta Capixaba and Moqueca Capixaba, as well as Muma de Siri and Caranguejada.

Things to do in Vitoria

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Praia de Camburi is the main beach in Vitória, with 6 km long. It concentrates cultural and sports activities, promoted by the city of Vitória. Here, you will find several options of hotels, kiosks, restaurants and bars that usually have moqueca and capixaba pie as their main course.

Next to the Iate Clube do ES, Praia do Canto is in the most charming neighborhood of Vitória and has a boardwalk that is very busy with walkers.

Ilha do Boi has the best beaches in the city, with the cleanest and calmest waters in the capital. Close to Ilha do Boi are the islands of Galheta de Dentro and de Fora and Ilha Rasa.

Anchieta Palace

The Anchieta Palace is the seat of the executive power of the state of Espírito Santo. The palace is located exactly in front of the Port of Vitória.

San Francisco Convent

The São Francisco Convent began to be built at the end of the 16th century by the Franciscan priests Friar Antônio dos Mártires and Antônio das Chagas. Listed by the State Council of Culture in 1984, it marks the space of what was the first Franciscan Convent built in the southern region of colonial Brazil.

Convent of Our Lady of Monte do Carmo

The Convent of Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo was founded in 1682 by Carmelite priests, its architecture has a colonial style, with baroque lines.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Victoria

Symbol of the city of Vitória, the Cathedral was listed by the State Council of Culture, in May 1984. The cathedral is one of the monuments monitored in guided tours, which are carried out free of charge to the Historic Center of Vitória.

Guava Panelmakers Association

The Association has already become one of the city's tourist attractions, being regularly visited by tourists interested in purchasing the pieces and seeing how they are made.

Other tourist attractions in Victoria

  • Onion Stone Park
  • Chapel of Santa Luzia
  • Zen Monastery Morro da Vargem
  • Vale Botanical Park
  • Porto House of Plastic Arts
  • Carlos Gomes Theater
  • St. Anthony's Basilica
  • Valentine's Square
  • Fonte Grande Park
  • Third Bridge
  • Moscoso Park
  • Ilha do Boi
  • Tamar Vitória Project
  • Moscoso Park
  • Iemanjá Pier
  • Vitória Planetarium

How to get to Vitoria

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By airplane

Eurico Salles Airport operates direct flights between the capital of Espírito Santo and capitals in the Southeast, Northeast and South regions.

By car

From Rio de Janeiro: 533 km on BR-101
From Belo Horizonte: 544km entry via the BR-262 highway
From Bahia access is via the BR-101, which crosses the entire coast.

By bus

The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Vitória, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital.
Vitória Bus Station
Tel: (27) 3203-3666

Best time to visit Victoria

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With average temperatures around 24°C, the capital of Espírito Santo has a tropical climate and is able to receive tourists throughout the year. Summer is the season that receives the most tourists and consequently the capital is busiest. During the holidays and end-of-year festivities, Praia do Camburi is usually the scene of great musical performances and sports tournaments.

The tropical climate is still present during the winter and it is rarely cold in the city. In this season, the average temperature in Vitória varies between 18°C and 26°C. The period with the most chances of rain is from November to January.

Where to stay in Victoria

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