Exclusive virtual tour promoted by Google allows you to discover the beauties of the Palace of Versailles on the internet

Have you ever dreamed of visiting the most famous palace in the world, the Palace of Versailles? With an estimated number of 8 million visitors a year, the palace was the heart of the French monarchy, symbol of the old regime, for over a century.

Located in the city of Versailles, close to Paris, the palace is just three blocks from the Gare de Versailles Rive Droite train station. Thus, it is one of the possibilities of round trips for those traveling through the French capital.

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However, if you are a mere commoner with no euros left in your bank account, you can also visit the attraction. This is because it is now possible to be dazzled by the various works of art in the space through a virtual exhibition launched by the Google Arts & Culture. On the internet, it is possible to admire extraordinary images and 3D visualizations of the French Baroque architecture of the sumptuous palace.

virtual tour

Photo: Playback / Google

With an audio accompanying the virtual tour, the spectator feels immersed in a royal tour, with a “private guide”, passing through 6 chambers of the palace, including the coronation room and Marie Antoinette's jewelry closet. In addition, it is also possible to visit unmistakable places such as the famous hall of mirrors, where the dauphine of France was admired in her sumptuous clothes and jewelry.

About the Palace of Versailles 

virtual tour

Photo: Publicity/ Palace of Versailles

The ultimate symbol of absolute French royalty and its extravagance, the Palace of Versailles it was built in the 17th century by Louis XIV. It is currently one of the most visited attractions in France, as well as being a stunning example of Baroque and Rococo splendor.

There are numerous salons and rooms to visit in Versailles and all of them impress with the luxury and ostentation of the time. The highlights, however, are the Hall of Mirrors, with sumptuous chandeliers and golden decorations, and the King's Room, a complex of halls where the most important events of the palace took place.

Thus, in addition to visiting the interior of the castle, there is still the stunning geometry of the gardens designed by André Le Nôtre and the charming villa Le Hamenau de La Reine, built for Marie Antoinette to spend more peaceful days away from the pomp of the court.

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