Travel through the most coveted museums in Paris, Madrid, New York and Chicago through a virtual tour accompanied by Brazilian travel guides

nothing better than one guided tour by professionals who really know the destination, right? Definitely, some places in the world become much more interesting and enchanting with the presence of a travel guide.

Meet the Louvre Museum, for example, is a unique experience, but it becomes much more enriching with an accredited professional who will be able to explain more about the wealth found in the corridors of this “sanctuary” full of art and history.

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Visit the main destinations of the U.S and gives Europe, places rich in culture, is fascinating, but accompanied by a guide it is much easier to understand better about the place you are visiting, in addition to getting to know the curiosities that only locals and tour guides know. 

With social distancing implemented by governments around the world, different museums have created the possibility of virtual tours to entertain tourists who are at home. The proposal seeks to bring knowledge and fun to tourists, in addition to satisfying, even if virtually, the curiosity of these people who love history, art and culture. 

Virtual tour of museums in Europe

Travel guides offer a virtual tour of different museums around the world. Photo: Reproduction / Pxhere

Lives and virtual tours around the world

those in love with travels will have the chance to learn more about some of the most desirable and enchanting museums in the world. THE tour, which will be online and free, in the format of live, brings Brazilian guides specialized in the destinations, making the experience even more complete. 

In Paris, the company France Among Friends will create a tour in Louvre Museum, postcard of the City of Light, famous for being the largest art museum in the world. In New York, the Natural History Museum, which recently turned 151 since its launch, will be the subject of a real online class offered by the company New York and You

In Spain, the incoming agency Discover Madrid, specialized in the Brazilian public, will offer a tour of the Prado Museum, considered the most important in the country. In Chicago, art lovers will have the privilege of being virtually accompanied by the company Chicago tourism, visiting the Art Institute of Chicago

Complete program for the family 

Like the idea? Check the schedule and separate the days in the agenda for these guided tours that will take place this week. Every lives will be displayed on the profiles of the Instagram of companies. See the full list and have a good trip!

04/21 – New York – Museum of Natural History at 7pm on @novayorkevoce
04/22 – Madrid – Prado Museum at 5 pm on @descubra_madrid
04/23 – Chicago – Art Institute of Chicago at 7pm on @turismoemchicago
04/24 – Paris – Louvre Museum at 5 pm on @francaentreamigos

new york museum virtual tour

Virtual tour of the Museum of Natural History in New York will take place on 04/21. Photo: Blake Patterson

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