Check out 7 amazing trails in virtual hikes and travel around the world without leaving your couch

Virtual tours and experiences at iconic museums and attractions around the world have become commonplace during this quarantine. It is possible to take a virtual tour of the Louvre Museum, watch a live stream and see the aurora borealis or even meet the famous Holland tulip gardens.

However, if you are a nature lover and miss putting on comfortable shoes, putting your backpack on your back and hiking, know that it is also possible to have this experience online.

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If you dream of visiting the pyramids of Egypt, walking the streets of the cities of the Amalfi Coast or seeing the Swiss Alps, check out these virtual routes and trails to discover the world without leaving your couch.

Trail to Lake Moraine in Banff National Park

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If a visit to Banff National Park is not on your travel list, you should add it right away. One of the park's most beautiful attractions is Lake Moraine and its crystal clear waters.

The lake is fed by glaciers and is situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks in Canada's Banff National Park.

Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

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If you're looking for a good dose of green, head to Klevan, Ukraine, home to the lush Tunnel of Love.

After spending three hours practically walking this abandoned train track, surrounded on all sides by bright green foliage and singing birds, it's almost impossible to feel anything other than relaxed.

Indian Beach Trail, Oregon

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This virtual hike takes you along Oregon's rugged coastline on a perfectly sunny day, boasting sweeping ocean views, rocky beaches and lots of verdant forest.

The popular trail travels through Ecola State Park, offering stunning views every step of the way.

Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

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This walking route takes you to discover the monuments and exotic landscapes of Egypt. The tour begins at the Mortuary Temple of Khafre, passing the pyramids of Khafre, Khufu, and Menkaure, before ending at the iconic sphinx.

Positano on the Amalfi Coast

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If you dream of discovering the romantic scenes of Italy, this tour of Positano, Amalfi Coast, is ideal for you.

In it, you will pass through steep, narrow streets, lined with boutiques and cafes, as you descend towards the region's idyllic beaches.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

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Narrow gorges and gigantic canyons await you on this tour. Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the most beautiful and visited in the United States.

Swiss Alps

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This virtual trail starts in Männlichen and takes you on a beautiful and easy hike to Kleine Scheidegg, a pass between the peaks of the Eiger and Lauberhorn mountains.

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