Opportunities to do social tourism in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and get to know one of the most natural environments in the world

One of the first goals related to the social tourism is to provide volunteer work aimed at communities in situations of social vulnerability. In these trips it is possible to learn more about the communities of people that inhabit the forest – from the cultivation of medicinal plants to daily practices of natural living – and also to help in the preservation of the environment.

Recently, in certain parts of the Amazon rainforest, it is possible to find programs for this purpose and register to take part when new vacancies open. The intention is to provide a unique experience in the heart of the largest forest on planet earth and help in its preservation and recovery, from planting and cultivating trees and local vegetation, as well as getting closer and knowing the wisdom of peoples from the north of Brazil.

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We list below four of these projects for you to register and be part of:

Social Iris

The organization Social Iris performs volunteer work in the Santarém region, in the For, more specifically in the Tapajós-Arapiuns Extractive Reserve. The first expedition carried out was a success, as the organizers themselves define it. More than 150,000 seedlings were planted that will be monitored during their growth period. The social organization has been operating in the region for over 30 years under the guidance of the Saúde e Alegria Project, which aims to restore the local native vegetation and offer services to nearby communities. Sarah Cardoso, a participant in the first expedition, reports that “it was the best thing that happened to me in 2017 and I can only thank you for having had the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful, true and incredible project!” New subscriptions will be available shortly.

Luzeiro Project

THE Luzeiro Project It began in 1931 when the first Luzeiro motorboat left Belém and began to travel along the paths trodden by riverside communities. The purpose of the initiative was to bring health education, medical and dental care to riverside communities. After more than 80 years, the project continues and offers registration for voluntary participants. The current organizers observe significant changes in the lives of the riverine peoples, but identify that there is still a lot of work to be done.

The main focus of voluntary operation is in the health area, therefore, they prioritize volunteers from this segment to carry out the activities.

Altogether there are 20 to 25 days inside the vessel along with a team of volunteers. The value is approximately 2,100.00 reais with the transfer in Manaus included, as well as accommodation, food, hammock and bottle of water (air ticket to Manaus not included).

SOS Amazon

The entity SOS Amazon was created in 1980 with the aim of reducing the environmental impacts caused by technological advances over the last few years that have intensified the devastation of the largest forest on the globe and restoring and preserving natural vegetation. This time coincided with widespread international publicity about deforestation, and Acre's rubber-gathering communities, which were fighting deforestation, were threatened because they were preventing irresponsible logging.

To achieve the proposed objectives the organization in three lines of knowledge that promote the projects developed. They are: Protected areas; Public policy; and Environmental Education.

To participate as a volunteer it is necessary to donate your time and work to the cause raised by the entity.


The work developed by ETAM It is aimed at the education of riverside peoples located in Nova Jerusalem, about 30 hours by boat from the capital Manaus. Last year they received more than 200 volunteers who helped in the construction of a new architecture for the school.

In order to provide quality education, as well as solve literacy problems and difficulties, the project offers free education in Portuguese, English, mathematics, physical education, music, among others. Because of this, most of the volunteers are in the area of education and pedagogy. However, this does not prevent work aimed at organizing and coordinating the school.

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