Study claims that the desire to explore the world is induced by a gene present in only people's 20%

You certainly know someone who doesn't show much desire to leave the house and explore new places, change jobs or live new experiences. They are those people who feel comfortable staying in the same city for many years and living the same routine day to day.

On the other hand, there are people who do not can stop still, with a constant desire to explore every bit of the world. They usually keep their passports up to date even without any trips in sight, just in case.

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No matter how many places they know or how many trips they take, they always find that there is much more to see, experience and feel. That “hunger” explore new places it never seems to be satiated, no matter how many vacations they take or how many journeys they take, they always want more and more.

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These people don't exactly keep a plan in their heads, but simply get carried away with it. experiences without a plan very detailed. In fact, how or when to arrive is not the main point for them: all that matters are the incredible surprises of chance.

Did you identify yourself? According to recent scientific research, travel can be in your DNA.

Wanderlust, the travel gene

According to research, the inherent desire to travel can be traced to a genetic derivative of the DRD4 gene, which is associated with levels of dopamine in the brain, a neurotransmitter that controls movement, memory and pleasure.

The gene itself, which is identified as DRD4-7R, was nicknamed “wanderlust gene”, a term in German that defines exactly this impetus for always being packed. If translated literally, it means the junction of “wander”, which corresponds to the practice of walking and “lust”, which means a deep will, a desire.

The gene, in turn, is not very common, present only in 20% of the world population. According to a study conducted in Kaplan University, us U.S, it was found that there is a much higher prevalence of the gene in regions of the planet where travel was encouraged in the past.

This research corroborates what had already been raised in a study carried out by Chaunsheng Chen, in 1999, in the  University of California, who already presented the theory of DRD4-7R and its connection with curiosity and restlessness.

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The researcher Richard Paul Ebstein, teacher of national university of singapore, has studied the gene for over 20 years and its relationship with people who take risks in the financial market. He advocates the gene's connection to adventurous behaviors.

“We have evidence to suggest that gene variation is responsible for impulsiveness and novelty seeking. People who have this allele seem to be more prone to challenges.” Telegraph. that can be checked here.

Another study carried out by David Dobbsnal, gives National Geographic, confirmed these findings and verified that the gene not only traces the link between curiosity and restlessness, but specifically a passion for travel.

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According dobbs, the presence of DRD4-7R results in people who are “more likely to take risks, explore new places, ideas, foods, relationships, drugs or opportunities”. He further stated that carriers of this gene often "embrace movement, change and adventure".

And you, are you genetically predisposed to travel?

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