Surrounded by lush Caribbean nature, Cancun's water parks offer unforgettable ecotourism experiences such as swimming with dolphins and exploring caves.

If you are planning a trip to cancun, you cannot fail to include a visit to one of the fantastic water parks Of region. In fact, these spaces are eco-parks, preserved and exuberant places in which the visitor can take the opportunity to carry out various activities integrated with nature.

With excellent infrastructure to welcome tourists, all water parks in Cancun they have the all-inclusive system, perfect for having fun and recharging your energies with the delicious dishes and snacks served at ease.

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An important tip is to book tickets for these attractions in advance, as the places are very popular, especially in high season.

The spaces are also located a few kilometers from the hotel zone, so the transfer service is indispensable for anyone who wants to venture out and have fun like never before in these incredible water parks in Cancun.

Water Parks in Cancun and Riviera Maya


Photo: Greudin / Wikimedia Commons

THE Xel-Ha Natural Park, located in Tulum, approximately 115 kilometers from Cancún, is one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations in the region. The space has a very complete structure to receive tourists and offers a large natural area ideal for the practice of activities such as hiking and diving.

In addition to a river of clear water, the park also has a beautiful natural cove that flows into the Caribbean Sea, forming a true oasis in shades of turquoise blue. With crystal clear waters, calm and full of colorful fish, the Xel-Ha is perfect for snorkeling, an activity that yields beautiful photographic records

In addition to the vast diversity of marine species to observe, the tourist can also take trails through the forest and natural caves that are connected by an underground passage. Certified divers can venture into the well-known cenotes, beautiful deep wells with crystal clear water.

In addition, it is possible to carry out other activities, such as riding a bike enjoying an incredible landscape and swimming with dolphins and stingrays. At certain times of the year, tourists can even participate in the release of newborn sea turtles. THE Xel-Ha works on an all-inclusive system and has bars and restaurants that offer drinks and a variety of gastronomic options.  


Water Parks in Riviera Maya and Cancun. Photo: XPlor Publicity

Focused on more extreme adventures and attractions, the Xplor offers good doses of adrenaline to visitors. In the park, located approximately 70 kilometers from Cancun, in the Riviera Maya, it is possible to venture out on 7 zip lines crossing the jungle from above. And that's not all: among the attractions there are also walks through the forest aboard amphibious vehicles and a route with rafts to explore the region's caves.

At the Xplor it is possible to enjoy as never before the exuberant nature of cancun, swim in underground rivers and see the ancient formations of stalactites and stalagmites up close. All attractions in the park are open-air, allowing greater contact with the local fauna and flora.

THE Xplor Fuego it is an experience that allows the visitor to enjoy the same experiences that the park offers during the day, but from a new perspective during the night, where everything is lit by fire.  

THE Xplor it has an all-inclusive system and offers a varied menu, as well as a rest area to relax after the lively activities. Whether flying, swimming, driving or paddling, the park offers adventure to the extreme.


Photo: Mariamichelle / Pixabay

Located by the sea, in the Riviera Maya, and approximately 70 kilometers from cancun, The Xcaret It is an ideal ecological park to learn more about Mexican culture, the flora and fauna of the region and to carry out various activities in the midst of nature. THE Xcaret It has more than 40 attractions for all ages, making it an ideal park for family outings. Swimming in underground rivers, hiking in the middle of the jungle and exploring mysterious caves are among the possibilities of activities in space.

The interaction with animals is also a strong point of the place, which has swimming with dolphins as one of the favorite activities for tourists. In addition, the visitor can observe deer, jaguars, flamingos and some exotic species of birds.

A differential of Xcaret it is your immersion in Mexican culture, making tourists better understand local customs through fun attractions. At Hacienda Henequenera, a typical 19th century mansion, people can travel back in time and get to know the details of Mexico's history in an interactive way.

During the night, there is the “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular”, a show with more than 300 artists on stage full of lights and colors, an impressive show in honor of the country's traditions. The park also has an archaeological zone, where it is possible to visit some Mayan pyramids scattered around the site.

At the Xcaret, with an all-inclusive system, there are several restaurants to choose from, in addition to living areas, changing rooms, showers and restrooms.

Wet'n Wild Cancun

Water Parks in Riviera Maya and Cancun. Photo: Disclosure

Located approximately 25 kilometers from the hotel zone of cancun, They are Wet'n Wild. Wave pools, children's playground, water slides, swimming with dolphins, beach access and a variety of restaurants are some of the possible activities to do in the park.

Those who enjoy more leisurely activities will love cooling off in the Lazy River. The attraction is a kind of river with calm and crystalline waters to float peacefully through a course of more than 300 meters.

For those who enjoy more extreme attractions, you cannot miss the Double Space Bowl, where the visitor slides more than 15 meters high, falls into a waterslide at more than 50 kilometers per hour and ends in a 3-meter deep pool. At the Wave Pool, you can enjoy continuous waves up to three meters high. For the little ones, there are spaces like the Wet Bubble, where children are challenged to reach the top of a bubble.

The park has a system of drinks and food included, ideal for spending the day playing and having a lot of fun.

Did you like these amazing water parks to discover in Cancun? If you are planning to include any of them in your itinerary, it is almost inevitable to arrange a transfer service. THE Tio Nene Tours is a receptive specialized in receiving Brazilians in the famous Caribbean destination, with guides and staff who speak Portuguese to make everything even easier and more fun.

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