On the border between Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, there is a sanctuary for those who seek landscapes amidst the heights.

THE Caparao National Park is one of the largest reserves of the Atlantic Forest in the country, and attracts tourists from all over to visit one of the highest regions of Brazil and cool off in the crystal clear waters of the natural pools and waterfalls of the enchanted Valley.

Formed by the José Pedro River, the enchanted Valley It is full of natural pools and beautiful waterfalls. The name is not for less, the valley is home to the largest waterfall in the park. Cachoeira Bonita is a waterfall on an 80-meter high wall that forms several deep wells, perfect for bathing.

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Caparaó Means “crystalline waters that roll off the stones” in Tupi, the name does justice to the place. In addition to enchanted Valley, the park is home to countless other waterfalls, such as the Andorinhas Waterfall, the most visited attraction in the park. The incredibly crystalline waters of the waterfall form a sequence of waterfalls that flow into wells connected by a 1 km long trail.In addition to being an environmental reserve that protects the springs of 3 large hydrographic basins and several species of endangered animals, the Caparao National Park It's still great for mountaineering. Pico da Bandeira, the highest in the state of Minas Gerais and the third highest in the country, is 2,892 meters high and receives an average of 40,000 tourists a year. The trail to reach the top is 9 km and takes all day. But don't worry, there are rest stops along the way.

There are 4 campsites in the middle of the trails that lead to the peak, 2 on the trail that leaves Alto Caparaó (MG) and 2 on the trail that comes from Pedra Menina (ES). Evening hikes to see the sunrise from atop the peak are the most popular tours. But remember to bring warm clothes, during the night temperatures can reach below zero.

The best time to visit is from May to August, when the rains are less and visibility increases, which makes night walks safer.

Photo: via Trekking Mountains

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