See photos and fall in love with the Loquinhas waterfall, one of the most popular attractions in Alto Paraíso, in Chapada dos Veadeiros

It is no wonder that the Loquinhas Waterfall be one of the most sought after attractions in Alto Paraíso, at Veadeiros Plateau.

Located exactly 4 km from the city center, the immense and beautiful well with waters in hues that vary from blue to green is surrounded by an immense rocky wall cut by a huge waterfall that stands out among the most beautiful waterfalls in the region. .

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Like most waterfalls in Veadeiros Plateau, the attraction is on private property, with a small fee to visit. The property has two waterfall complexes, the most sought after, Circuito loquinhas and the Violet Circuit. If you want to visit both attractions on the same day, we recommend arriving at the property early, as each circuit has a set of attractions.

Loquinhas waterfall

the trail of circuit gives loquinhas it has 1 km with a great structure made with wood and is recommended for all ages. On the walk, the visitor has the possibility to make 8 stops, namely: Poço Jacutinga, Poço do Curupira, Poço Curumins, Poço da Vovó, Poço Siriema, Poço do Xamã, Poço do Pajé and the Loquinhas Waterfall.

Alto Paraíso

Loquinhas Circuit

despite the Loquinhas Waterfall be the most coveted attraction, the other stops will also surprise you. The various wells scattered along the way have crystal clear waters and are surrounded by dense vegetation, offering a relaxing environment where peace prevails. The first five wells of the trail are beautiful, but Vovó and Xamã's wells are the biggest and just perfect.

Fazenda Loquinhas is open every day until 5 pm and charges a fee of R$20.00 per person (charged in Feb/2016). The place has a bathroom, drinking water, a playground for children and parking.

Loquinhas Alto Paraíso Waterfall

Veadeiros Plateau

Photos: Gustavo Albano

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