Famous for their beauty, the waterfalls in Pirenópolis attract tourists from all over and surprise with the ease of access and structure to receive visitors.

Main Goiás ecotourism attractions, the waterfalls in Pirenopolis attract tourists from all over not only for their beauty, but also for the ease of access and structure to receive visitors.

Therefore, if you like waterfalls, it is worth visiting this region of the Brazilian cerrado, privileged by several rivers that form the beautiful waterfalls. There are several waterfalls in different scenarios, from those very close to the center of the city, to those farthest away in the midst of preserved vegetation.

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To help you choose where to go and which to visit, we have prepared a list of the 10 best and most famous waterfalls in Pirenopolis. With these tips, you will be able to put together a very nice itinerary to explore the region. Check it out below.

The best waterfalls in Pirenopolis

Dragons waterfalls

Dragons waterfalls

Photo: A. Duarte / Flickr

Eight beautiful waterfalls form the complex of Cachoeiras dos Dragões in Pirenópolis. located within the Eisho-Ji Zen Monastery, a Buddhist property, they can be accessed by tourists – with only restriction on the number of visitors per day.

The Dragon Waterfalls are: Dragon's Gate (first), Blue Dragon (second), Pearl of the Dragon (third), Clouds of the Dragon (Wednesday), True Dragon (Thursday), Flying Dragon (Friday), Sky Dragon (seventh) ) and King of Dragons (eighth). The trails that lead to the eight waterfalls total a route of 4.3 km, round trip, and the average time to cover it is from 2h30 to 4h.

Paradise Waterfall


Photo: Disclosure

The Paradise Waterfall lives up to its name. The place is beautiful and, the best, is one of the most accessible in Pirenópolis. There are only 120 meters of trail between the car stop and the waterfall.

The beautiful waterfall between the rocks is surrounded by preserved vegetation and draws attention for its crystalline waters, which form a great pool for bathing. This one, in turn, has 60 square meters and, in some places, can reach 6 meters deep.

Old Mill Waterfall

Waterfall Usina Velha Pirenopolis

Photo: pirenopolis.tur.br

Located very close to the center of Pirenópolis, Cachoeira da Usina is ideal for those who do not want to face long trails to cool off. It is formed by several waterfalls – most of them small – that form wells for bathing. The largest of them is 10 meters high and was born from the construction of the old power plant.

Due to its proximity and ease of access, Cachoeira da Usina Velha is one of the most frequented and is usually full on weekends. So, to enjoy the place with tranquility, the tip is to go during the week.

Meia Lua Nature Reserve

Half Moon Waterfall Pirenopolis

Photo: pirenopolis.tur.br

For those looking for a quieter place to enjoy nature, the Meia Lua Natural Reserve is the ideal place. In it, there is a sequence of waterfalls between rocks, surrounded by preserved nature, which form a beautiful scenery.

The path between the waterfalls has paved walkways and stairs that lead down to the river's edge. In addition, the reserve has excellent infrastructure, with a snack bar, bathrooms and showers. The Meia Lua Natural Reserve is close to the city center, just 8 km along the Park of the Pyrenees Highway.

Abbot's Waterfall

Abade Pirenopolis Waterfall

Photo: Tiago Caramuru / Wikimedia Commons

The Abade Waterfall is one of the most famous in Pirenópolis. With 22 meters high, its green waters form a beautiful well, surrounded by sand. In addition, there are smaller ones, a natural pool and viewpoints that offer incredible views of the place.

Located inside the Abade Reserve, this waterfall in Pirenópolis has a good structure to receive visitors. There are two trails on site that also lead to Cachoeira do Cânion, Cachoeira do Landi and Cachoeira do Sossego.

Santa Maria waterfall

Santa Maria Pirenopolis Waterfall

Photo: Andre Irm / Wikimedia Commons

Cachoeira Santa Maria is located within the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve, 11 km from Pirenópolis. The beautiful waterfall, in the midst of a rocky wall, forms a large pool of crystalline waters.

The edges of the natural pool are full of sand and even resemble a beach. A perfect place for those who want to cool off in the waterfall and still enjoy the sun. Cachoeira Santa Maria is 500 meters from the reserve's headquarters and can be accessed via a paved trail.

Coqueiro and Gorge Waterfalls

Coqueiro Pirenopolis Waterfall

Photo: pirenopolis.tur.br

As they are located on the same property and very close together, the Coqueiro and Garganta Waterfalls are usually visited together. They are 15 km from the center of Pirenópolis, in Parque do Coqueiro.

Access to the two waterfalls is via a 600-meter trail that leaves the park's parking lot. The Coqueiro Waterfall is to the right of the trail and has a large swimming pool. The Garganta Waterfall is located below the Coqueiro Waterfall, and is in a more enclosed place by forest, with less sun.

Bonsucesso Farm

Very close to the center of Pirenópolis, Fazenda Bonsucesso is home to six beautiful waterfalls. Ideal for those who do not want to take long walks, they are close to each other, on a trail with a total distance of 1.5 km, and with easy access.

Along the way, in addition to the six waterfalls – Cachoeira do Açude, Cachoeira do Landi, Cachoeira Palmito, Cachoeira Pedreira, Cachoeira Bonsucesso and Cachoeira Lagoa Azul –, there are several natural pools.

Lazarus Waterfall

Lazaro Pirenopolis Waterfall 1

Photo: Victorio Bastos / Wikimedia Commons

Perfect for those who want to cool off, but do not know how to swim or are afraid of deep wells, Cachoeira do Lázaro has a shallow well, which does not exceed 1.50 meters in depth.

It is located within the Vargem Grande Ecological Reserve, just 1.5 km away from the site. In addition, it is very close to Cachoeira Santa Maria, so it is worth visiting both waterfalls on the same day.

The truth is that the waterfalls in Pirenópolis are incredible and, in any of them, you will find refreshing wells and beautiful scenery. So, if you have the opportunity, get to know the 10 best and most famous waterfalls in this region.

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