From north to south of the state, check out waterfalls that are perfect for diving in Espírito Santo territory

When it comes to nature, the Holy Spirit is abundant. In addition to beautiful beaches with crystalline waters and scenic views, the state has mountains, regions full of preserved Atlantic Forest and, of course, amazing waterfalls with ice-cold water and large waterfalls.

From the quietest to the most imposing, we separate 5 waterfalls you need to know on a visit to Espírito Santo.

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Matilde Waterfall, Alfredo Chaves

Photo: Publicity SETUR – ES

Just 90 km from Vitória, in the city of Alfredo Chaves, is the district of Matilde and the famous waterfall that bears the same name, also known as Cachoeira Engenheiro Reeve. The path to the waterfall is all paved, with an access walkway in a stretch of preserved forest. Upon arrival, the imposing waterfall impresses with its 70 meters, being among one of the largest waterfalls in the state.

Despite not having access to bath, the bravest take advantage of its rocky walls to practice rappelling. Before the waterfall, a small river forms a kind of freshwater beach, known as “prainha”.

In addition to the Matilde Waterfall and the beach, on the same circuit, known as Caminho das Águas, it is also possible to visit the Matilde Railway Station, the enchanted tunnel, a viewpoint that overlooks a valley, as well as other waterfalls.

Wedding Veil Waterfall, Santa Leopoldina

The Cachoeira Véu de Noiva park, in Santa Leopoldina, less than an hour from Vitória, is an ideal tourist complex to spend a fun day with the family. Very well structured, the place has a day use system (with a fixed value per person) and also has a camping area for those who want to stay there. In addition, the park has natural pools for children and adults, trails, restaurants and, of course, the beautiful waterfall that bears the same name.

To access it, just cross an easy trail through the woods. The waterfall, in addition to a great well for bathing, also allows for rappelling. There is a waterslide that ends inside the waterfall's bathing area, an attraction that especially excites children.

Alta Waterfall, Itapemirim Waterfall

Photo: Yuri Barichivich

Located approximately 140 kilometers from Vitória, the municipality of Cachoeiro do Itapemirim is home to one of the most incredible waterfalls to visit in Espírito Santo. Cachoeira Alta has an imposing drop of more than 100 meters high, in addition to a well for shallow bathing and an environment surrounded by a lot of nature.

With crystalline waters, the waterfall still hides a surprise: among its crevices and rocks live several swallows that sometimes fly and delight all visitors. For staying inside a private property, there is a fee for visitation that can be changed according to the more or less busy periods.

The place has a bar that is open on weekends and holidays and offers some snacks and drinks. During the summer, Cachoeira Alta usually receives a large number of people, so the tip is to arrive early to enjoy its waters with tranquility.

Turco Waterfall, Guarapari

Guarapari, 55 kilometers from the capital Vitória, concentrates some of the most beautiful beaches in Espírito Santo. As a “gift” of nature, it still has beautiful waterfalls, such as the Turco Waterfall. Also known as Cachoeira de Buenos Aires or Cachoeira do Barbudo, it is a great choice to renew your energy and to cool off on days of intense heat.

The waterfall is on private property that accepts visits for a voluntary fee. To reach the place, it is necessary to follow a very winding road and go through another stretch of land. Access to the waterfall, however, is very quiet.

Along the way, several wells for bathing and, finally, the waterfall, which in addition to a well for bathing also has a not very high wall for rappelling, ideal for those who are just starting out.

Smoke Waterfall, Alegre

Photo: Publicity SETUR – ES

Located within the Cachoeira da Fumaça State Park, in the city of Alegre, just over 200 kilometers from the capital of Espírito Santo, the Cachoeira da Fumaça is an imposing 140 meters high. The name was given because its fall forms a kind of “smoke” of water droplets that fall on the stones.

Access to the waterfall is carried out in a very simple path and without great difficulties. Its waters are cold and refreshing, so the place is very popular on hot days. The park also has restrooms and a picnic structure, with several tables ensuring a snack after the fun.

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