Discover the main and (most beautiful) trails and waterfalls in Vale do Caão, in Chapada Diamantina

Belonging to the municipality of palm trees, The Capão Valley is certainly one of the most magical and beautiful places in Chapada Diamantina

The destination attracts mystics and ecotourism fans from all over the world and has some of the most beautiful and imposing attractions in Chapada, such as the Águas Claras Waterfall, and the Fumaça Waterfall, considered the second largest in Brazil!

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In addition, the Capão Valley has one of the entrances to the famous Pati Valley, which has one of the most beautiful trails in the world! If you are planning to visit the destination, but still don't know what to see, check out this list with 9 amazing waterfalls by region.

Smoke Waterfall

waterfall in capao valley

Photo: Vic Paes / Wikimedia Commons

The second largest waterfall in Brazil is the main attraction of the village. To reach the huge rock wall, visitors need to face a trail of approximately 2 hours, half of it, a difficult but rewarding climb, with several viewpoints to the mountains of the region. 

The bravest ones can sit on one of the stones that serve as a viewpoint for the attraction and check out the 380 meters of free fall of the waterfall.

Águas Claras waterfall

waterfalls in capao valley

Photograph: travelsimple

Considered by many to be one of the most beautiful trails in the Capão Valley, Cachoeira do Rio Preto is a small oasis protected by Morrão, one of the most photogenic mountains in the Chapada Diamantina.

Despite being small, the waterfall forms an irresistible well that looks more like a natural pool. 

Riachinho Waterfall

Photo: Bruno Topázio / Wikimedia Commons

Located on the road that connects the village of Capão to the municipality of Palmeiras, is the beautiful 12 m high waterfall and a well with an easy access paved trail. The attraction is part of the Riachinho Municipal Natural Park conservation unit.

Rodas waterfall

Capao Valley waterfalls

Photo: lettervelblog

With easy access, this waterfall is perfect for families with children. The waterfall comes from a huge wall of rocks forming several wells in front of an immense valley. 

Conception of the Cats

diamond slap

Photo: Guianachapadadiamantina

Conceição dos Gatos is located at a distance of about 10 km from Vale do Capão. There are three main attractions: the Cachoeira de Baixo, de Cima or Boa Vista and the Poço das Cobras, paths of about 1 hour of light walking.

Poço do Gavião

Capao Valley waterfall

Photo: via Guianachapadadiamantina

Poço do Gavião is the largest in Vale do Capão with more than 100 meters of extension and some small waterfalls. 

There are 5 hours of trail (round trip) in 6 km of walk. On the way, you can admire an incredible view of Morrão, one of the most famous attractions in the region, as well as several species of orchids, bromeliads and native plants.

Waterfall of Purification and Angelica

Photo: Max Brito / Wikimedia Commons

The trail to Poço da Angélica and Cachoeira da Purificação is one of the easiest from Vale do Capão. Get ready, because this waterfall is known for having the coldest waters in Chapada Diamantina!

Mixila Waterfall

Located in the Capivari River canyon, Cachoeira do Mixila has 80 m of waterfall and is one of the most beautiful trekkings for those who want an authentic experience in the Capão Valley.

The tour to Mixilia can be done in one, two or three days, but the day trip is very tiring and recommended only for very experienced trail travelers.

Rio Preto Waterfall

Cachoeira do Rio Preto is one of the closest to the village and has access on the same trail that gives access to Cachoeira Rodas. 

The 4-meter high waterfall falls into an immense pit with an infinity edge and views of mountains. For those who like to explore these places, the tip is to continue climbing the waterfall and enjoy the various wells that form between the rocks of the Rio Preto.

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