Looking for a place to cool off near the capital of São Paulo? Discover the 10 best waterfalls to take a dip close to São Paulo

São Paulo does not disappoint waterfall lovers at all. 

There are waterfalls scattered throughout the state, of the most different heights and for the most varied tastes. 

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It has an imposing waterfall, over 80 meters high, as well as very small ones, which are more like a bathing well. 

There are waterfalls on the coast, inland and even on the side of the highway. Some are wild, others are in the midst of large structures, on private properties.

No matter the type, they are all extremely beautiful and form impressive backdrops.

So, did you feel like visiting one of these waterfalls and taking a refreshing bath?

So, check out this list with the 10 waterfalls to take a dip close to São Paulo.

Best waterfalls to take a dip close to São Paulo

Among so many waterfalls present in the Brazilian forests, São Paulo has a privileged portion of waterfalls that are great for bathing. 

Looking for a place to cool off? Discover the top 10 waterfalls to take a dip close to São Paulo.

Fall of My God Waterfall – Eldorado 

Photo: Luan Alves Chaves / Wikimedia Commons

Located in the municipality of Eldorado, the Queda do Meu Deus waterfall is 53 meters high. 

The imposing waterfall comes from a spring in dense forest, which crosses 4 km inside the Devil's Cave, another attraction of the city.

To get to the Queda do Meu Deus waterfall, you have to walk a medium difficulty trail for approximately 1 hour. Along the way, there are natural pools with crystal clear water and three other smaller falls. 

There is another, longer path that leads to the waterfall: the Vale das Ostras Trail. However, it can only be done with guide accompaniment. The route passes through 11 waterfalls.

Saltão Waterfall – Brotas 

Photo: Diogo Rodrigues Gonçalves / Wikimedia Commons

At 75 meters high, Cachoeira do Saltão is among the largest waterfalls in São Paulo. It is located in the region of Brotas, in the municipality of Itirapina.

In its surroundings, the Mirante das Águas da Cachoeira Saltão was created, a park with 220 thousand m² that preserves the area. On site, in addition to the great bathing well formed by Cachoeira do Saltão, there is an excellent structure to receive visitors, including a camping.

Blue Well – Lavrinhas

Photo: Disclosure

The crystalline waters in shades of blue make this a unique place on the border of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Poço Azul is located in Lavrinhas, at the foot of Serra da Mantiqueira.

The color of the water is due to the presence of aluminum sulfate. It is formed by a small waterfall and is an ideal place to cool off. 

The trail that leads to Poço Azul has a medium degree of difficulty and the place can be visited by anyone, however, with payment of a fee, as it is on a private property.

Cassorova Waterfall – Brotas 

Photo: waterfallcassorova

Cassorova Waterfall, in Brotas, is 60 meters high and has a great natural swimming pool. It is located inside the Cassorova Ecoparque, which, in addition to the waterfall, has other attractions, including swimming pools, viewpoints, zip lines and other waterfalls.

Ideal for canyoneering, Cassorova Waterfall is one of the most beautiful in Brotas. To get to it, just walk a 200-meter trail, all paved and self-guided inside the park. 

Visits can be made from 9 am to 5 pm.

Big Waterfall – Lagoinha

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, Cachoeira Grande is 38 meters high and has a shallow well, excellent for bathing. It is located in the municipality of Lagoinha, in the Paraíba Valley.

Cachoeira Grande is located inside a private property open to the public and, in addition to the waterfall, the place has a complete structure to receive visitors.

The whole area is covered by native vegetation and you can see some wild animals.

Prumirim Waterfall – Ubatuba 

Photo: Disclosure

The Prumirim Waterfall is on the banks of the Rio-Santos Highway, in Ubatuba.

Access is via a trail of approximately 7 minutes, very small. There are two waterfalls and a great swimming hole between them.

It arises from Serra do Mar, in the middle of the Atlantic Forest. Distant 19 km from the center of Ubatuba, it is one of the most sought after places by those who visit the region.

Elephant Waterfall – Serra do Mar State Park

Photo: Disclosure

The Elephant Waterfall is 80 meters high and is located inside the Serra do Mar State Park, in Biritiba Mirim.

The path to it, however, is not an easy one. There are 11 km of trail between steep slopes and preserved Atlantic Forest.

The Elephant Waterfall is formed by the waters of the Itapanhaú River and can be seen from the Mogi-Bertioga Highway. 

Cachoeira dos Veados – Serra da Bocaina National Park 

Photo: Disclosure

With three waterfalls that reach 200 meters in height, Cachoeira dos Veados is located in the Serra da Bocaina National Park, on the border between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The falls form wells up to 2 meters deep. 20 km from the park entrance, it can be accessed after a day of walking along the Gold Trail. 

Itambé Waterfall – Cássia dos Coqueiros

Photo: Disclosure

At 84 meters high, Cachoeira do Itambé is the largest and most famous waterfall in Cássia dos Coqueiros, in the interior of São Paulo.

There are two trails that lead to Cachoeira do Itambé: the first leaves from Restaurante e Camping do Zezé and the other part from Pousada Recanto dos Pássaros.

On both paths, to reach the base of the waterfall, you have to go down a steep and dangerous path, with many slippery rocks.

Santo Isidro Waterfall – São José do Barreiro

Photo: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira / WIkimedia Commons

The Santo Isidro Waterfall is the largest in São José do Barreiro, in São Paulo. With 70 meters high, the imposing waterfall forms a delicious well, great for bathing.

It is located within the Serra da Bocaina National Park, 2 km from its main entrance. The trail that leads to Cachoeira Santo Isidro passes through a river and continues through the forest to its base.

All these waterfalls are close to São Paulo just waiting for you to take a dip. What are you waiting for then?

Just a tip: in times of a pandemic, before heading to the waterfalls that are inside private properties, such as Cachoeira Grande, it is worth checking if the place is open to visitors.

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