Flucial safari: Agency offers an experience traveling through the exuberant scenarios of the Pantanal Mato-Grossense in search of the largest feline in the Americas

Can you imagine setting aside a few days to relax in the midst of the biome known for being one of the largest flooded areas on the planet? With abundant nature, the wetland It is a preserved territory filled with a very rich biodiversity, which can offer unique experiences for those looking to get in touch with nature.

Boat trips to watch the sunrise and sunset, walks in preserved areas of forest and observation safaris of wild animals are just some of the unmissable tours to do in the Pantanal Mato-Grossense.

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Photo: Bart van Dorp / Wikimedia Commons

The company Chapada Explorer offers 4 or 5-day itineraries immersed in the heart of the wetland. The main objective is the search for the biggest feline in Brazil and the Americas – the jaguar – a symbol of the Brazilian fauna. THE expedition departs from the city of Cuiabá and continues along 140 km of road through the Transpantaneira, a rustic road with a dirt road that crosses a good part of this biome, always accompanied by flooded plains and the constant presence of wild animals such as alligators, herons, deer, hawks, capybaras and countless species of birds, among other animals.

The place used as a base for this adventure is in the northern part of the Pantanal, in the region of Porto Jofre, in the municipality of Poconé. It is at the Hotel Pantanal Norte, located on the banks of the Cuiabá river, that we find the largest barn in jaguars from the Pantanal. THE road map encompasses various activities and photo safaris for those looking to come face to face with a Jaguar. At excursions they are made in boats and canoes that follow the Cuiabá and Piquiri rivers and some tributaries of the Três Irmãos River.

Departures are made every day at the first rays of the sun, to enjoy the light show produced by the twilight, then a hearty breakfast is served to start the expedition activities. After recharging your energy, it's time to navigate the rivers that cut through the lush beauties of the Pantanal Mato Grosso.

Photo: Filipefrazao / Wikimedia Commons

The observation of these felines is done on boat trips that pass close to the banks of the rivers, where these animals find food in abundance and quiet areas to rest. With patience and a little luck, it is possible to spot a jaguar in a short time of navigation, thanks to the immense number of animals that live free in these surroundings.

In addition to the opportunity to closely observe a jaguar – the great maxim of the itinerary -, other species such as alligators, macaws, giant otters and toucans are easily seen and are even more impressive with the naked eye.

The program includes transfer in cuiabá until the Hotel Pantanal Norte, providing all meals, overnight stays, guides and travel insurance, all to ensure even more safety for passengers on this adventure.

Photo: Bernard DUPONT / flickr

Photo: Bernard DUPONT / flickr

Photo: Bernard DUPONT / flickr

Benefits of tourism in the region

Tourism focused on observation of Jaguar it also boosted the region's economy and made the population aware of the importance of protecting the species that live in these areas. In the past, many farmers were dedicated to raising cattle and hunting the animals to protect their farms.

Nowadays, after understanding the importance of preserving these animals, they adapted their lands, transforming them into great accommodation options specialized in taking tourists to meet wild jaguars, always with respect and total safety. In recent years, the number of these cats has practically tripled, attracting more and more tourists seeking sustainable practices and ecotourism activities. Did you like this experience? Watch the video where it shows a little of what can be found in this region.

Chapada Explorer
Address: Praça Dom Wunibaldo, 57 – Chapada dos Guimarães
Phone: (65) 3301-1290

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