Jubarte whale watching season in Arraial D'Ajuda lasts for 4 months and starts in July

Now the beaches located near Arraial D'Ajuda, Porto Seguro and others in the south of Bahia, begin to receive a new “tourist” that every year passes through this part of the Brazilian coast. The season for spotting humpback whales is one of the coolest tours to do in Bahia, with the period from July to October being the period of migration of these large mammals. These whales come from far away, leaving Antarctica until arriving in Brazil, traveling across the ocean in search of warmer and calmer waters for the species to reproduce. The spectacle that is repeated every year is already a routine on the Bahian coast and much awaited by residents and visitors.

The attraction makes tourists even more passionate about the beaches of the Northeast region of the country. Another charming tour for tourists seeking what to know in Arraial D'Ajuda and Porto Seguro at this time of year, a surprising destination that keeps a well-preserved piece of the Brazilian coast that provides surprising moments like this. It is also at this time that agencies and hotels begin to make exclusive tours to observe these whales and other beauties and tourist attractions on the coast of Bahia.

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Humpback whale season attracts tourists to the south coast of Bahia. Photo: Maitei Hotel / Publicity

THE Maitei Hotel, for example, which is located in Arraial D'Ajuda, offers weekly departures that take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Groups are closed at the hotel, with a minimum participation of 15 people. Normally, departures are made in the morning, around 9 am to 2 pm, which is a good time to find the animals.

During the tour, participants also receive a lecture with instructions on board the vessel and can discover more curiosities about the mammals and how the tour works. The entire team is qualified and trained to find whales in the middle of the ocean. The search is done with the help of a device called a hydrophone that makes it easier to find these species. In the crew, in addition to the sailors, a marine biologist also makes up the group and accompanies the small expedition collecting data and providing more information about the whales seen.

Whale watching season is from July to October. Photo: Maitei Hotel / Publicity

One of the coolest tours to do in Arraial D'Ajuda, Porto Seguro and region. Photo: Enrico Marcovaldi / Instituto Baleia Jubarte

Mammals show themselves living free on the coast of Bahia. Photo: Maitei Hotel / Publicity

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