Check out the step-by-step procedures for traveling by plane with children and minors

The end of the year approaches along with the school holidays, when many families decide to take those well-deserved rest days and travel.

For those who are going to use the plane as a means of transport, some doubts may arise as to the documents needed to board with kids on the plane.  

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Documents for traveling by plane with children on domestic flights

For children or minors traveling with both parents or guardians in Brazil, it is necessary to present the birth certificate, ID card or passport.

It is also necessary a document that proves the affiliation or link with the parents or guardians. In the case of uncles, aunts, grandparents, and grandparents, the procedure is the same and a document proving the relationship is also required.

If the older one is not related, it is necessary to bring the same documents as the children and an extrajudicial authorization issued by the mother, father or legal guardian. Click here to access this authorization template.

If the child is traveling unaccompanied, it is necessary to appear with the birth certificate, ID card or passport of the minor and a judicial authorization.

Documents for traveling by plane with children on international flights

Children and teenagers traveling with only one parent or guardian must take written authorization each other authenticated by a notary's office.

Children or teenagers traveling with other adults must bring notarized authorization by both parents or guardians.

Children or teenagers traveling unaccompanied must bring notarized authorization by both parents or guardians.

Authorizations for international travel for minors can be made using a standard form that can be found at CNJ portal and not sgo orofficial of DPF.

It is necessary to carry a permit for each child or teenager. Two copies will be required per child or adolescent, as one must be with the Federal Police. Do not forget your valid passport and, if applicable, the term of custody and guardianship.

It is worth remembering that only minors over 12 years old can travel unaccompanied. Some airlines offer a travel escort service, but it is necessary to contact each company directly.  

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