Several maritime and historical tours such as a transfer through the Panama Canal are great options for those passing through the city.

It is very common to do connection in Panama, many tourist attractions in the city are a good option for those who will be staying a long time until they catch the other flight. The city is full of historical tours such as the Canal do Panama, Panama Viejo, Casco Antiguo, Calzada de Amador and Cerro Ancon are all worth checking out.  

THE Panama became a reference for connections. As it is located in the middle of the division between North America and South America, a good part of the flights departing from Brazil to the United States connection in the country. If it is a short stop, the traveler has the option of strolling through the numerous shops of the gigantic Tocumen Airport, located in Panama City. However, when it comes to hours or even days, it is worth complementing the trip with fun and delicious walks around the city.

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Panama City waterfront. Photo: tvshoppingpty / Pixabay

Photo: Sheraton Grand Panama

Stopping in another country which is not your final destination can be a good opportunity to add your cultural baggage. Check out the best attractions in the city and make connection in Panama the start of your trip:

Panama Canal

Considered one of the seven wonders of the world, the Panama Canal is the most famous and important tourist spot in the country. It is worth making a journey through the fascinating engineering that connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. The tour also includes a stop at the Miramontes visitor center, with a museum on the history of the construction of the Canal, one of the most important routes for maritime trade. THE PANAMA CONNECTION offers special Panama Canal tour packages with lunch and guide.

Fotol: artes2franco / Pixabay

Coastal Strap

Cariocas will become familiar with Cinta Costera. Located in front of the Bay of Panama, it was built inspired by Aterro do Flamengo, a leisure complex in the south of Rio de Janeiro. Unlike the other tourist attractions in the city, it represents the modern side of Panama. The innovative architecture of the buildings, which include commercial, residential and hotel buildings, made the place the printed scene of one of the city's postcards.

Historic Monumental Ensemble Panama Viejo

Built from 1519 onwards, the site that today is the Monumental Historic Monument Panama Viejo was the site of the first city of Panama. At the time of the Spanish colony, the city was part of the gold export route from the coast of the Pacific Ocean to Europe. Due to a major robbery in the city made by pirates, the Spanish Crown ordered to evacuate it and set fire to the buildings to prevent further looting.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997, today it is an archaeological site whose wreckage and building remains tell the history and architecture of the 17th century. if you are going to do a connection in Panama, it is worth taking a tour of the space and taking a closer look at the model that reveals what the city was like before the fire.

Photo: lapping / Pixabay

Cerro Ancon

Highest point in Panama City, it is the symbol of resistance of the Panamanian people for the struggles and claims for the right to their sovereignty. The country's flag on top of Cerro Ancon can be seen at various points in the city. It is an interesting tour for those who like adventures, mainly because of the diversity of fauna and flora present in the region. if you are going to do a connection in Panama, why not check it out closely?

old hull

For those looking for evening programs, Casco Antiguo is a good destination. The Historic Center of Panama it has nightlife for all tastes, combined with the local cultural richness. Its streets full of stories have several restaurants of national and international cuisine, squares, museums, bars, cafes, churches and historic buildings.

Photo: Dezalb / Pixabay

Amateur sidewalk

Second longest promenade in the world Panama, the Calzada de Amador was built in 1913 with the stones taken from the excavation of the construction of the Panama Canal. Its main function is to stabilize ships at the entrance to the Channel.

With a beautiful view of the city and the ships that await the entrance to the canal, it is currently one of the most visited tourist spots in the city. The place also houses the Biodiversity Museum, which aims to raise awareness of the best ways to live together and not harm nature.

bridge of the americas

In a connection in Panama the Bridge of the Americas is worth checking out. With a length of 1654 meters and a maximum height of 117 meters above sea level, the bridge stretches from the entrance to the Pacific to the Panama Canal. The view seen from up there is what most impresses those who visit the place. Don't miss the lush landscape and poetic beauty of the ships that enter and leave the channel.  

Photo: Ayox1 / Pixabay

THE PANAMA CONNECTION, a receptive in Panama specialized in receiving Brazilian tourists, offers special packages for those who are passing through the city. City tours, panoramic night tours, partial crossing of the Panama Canal, typical dinners with folkloric show, among other programs are some of the services that the agency offers. In addition to the variety of programming, the PANAMA CONNECTION it also offers transfers to the airport and to other points in the region.

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