Check out tour options for those who will spend just one day enjoying the beauties of Ilha Grande, in Rio de Janeiro

Giant and wonderful. It is no wonder that the Big Island has that name, since it concentrates more than 100 amazing beaches amidst a dense vegetation of preserved Atlantic Forest.

Located in the Municipality of Angra dos Reis, the destination is among the favorites for tourists looking for ecotourism, diving, trails, hikes, waterfalls and good doses of paradisiacal scenery.

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With so many attractions, it seems impossible to dedicate just one day to discover this giant piece of paradise, right? The good news is that with proper organization it is possible to explore the beauties in a few hours, even in tours on the round trip from Rio de Janeiro.

Check out possibilities for day trips to explore the Big Island and enjoy a lot of beach, sun, waterfalls, preserved nature and a crystal clear sea at your disposal.

Lopes Mendes

Photo: Tarcísio de Paula Salgado /Wikimedia Commons

departing from Vila do Abraão, the main point of arrival for tourist boats, one of the most beautiful beaches to discover on a day trip through the Big Island It's Lopes Mendes. There are approximately 3 kilometers of fine white sand and a sea of crystalline waters and strong waves ideal for surfing.

In Lopes Mendes, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Brazil, you will be impressed by the different tones that the sea receives throughout the day. An ideal place to take a dip in the sea and then rest in the shadows of an almond tree.

In a round trip to the Big Island, Besides Lopes Mendes, on the same day it is still possible to visit the ruins of the aqueduct and Lazaretto and also the beautiful Landing Beach.

Feiticeira Waterfall and Feiticeira Beach

Photo: Wikimedia Commons/ Valdiney Pimenta

The trail that takes tourists to Witch's Waterfall also part of Vila do Abraão. With approximately 3 hours of walking, you reach the 15-meter high waterfall that is absolutely stunning.

As a kind of toast, there is still the Praia da Feiticeira, which is about half an hour from the waterfall. The beach has a very calm sea, which forms a natural pool, ideal for relaxing during bathing hours. The preserved vegetation around it provides a wild and very beautiful atmosphere.

For those who prefer, it is possible to do the opposite way, arriving at the beach by boat and doing the half trail to know the waterfall. THE Iguaçu Beach is very close and can be a great option as a complement to a day trip through the Big Island.

Half-turn tour around Ilha Grande

Photo: LucyGmarques/ Wikimedia Commons

As an option for a round trip through the Big Island, there is also the classic half-turn by speedboat. This tour explores the north side of the island, passing through incredible places with clear and transparent waters known as cove of the stars.

The highlight is getting to know the blue Lagoon, a natural pool with exuberant marine life that can be observed while snorkeling. already the green lagoon it is another point that makes it possible to see many fish and corals in a charming underwater scenario. Generally, each stop lasts about 50 minutes.

Full return tour around Ilha Grande

Photo: TMbux/ Wikimedia Commons

This is, without a doubt, the most complete tour to do in one day in Big Island. Here, the most unspoilt and sparsely populated beaches on the south coast are explored aboard speedboats. Along the way, you can meet Caxadaço, one of the most beautiful and wild beaches in the region.

It is also in this route stops in parnaioca, meres, maguariquessaba and Adventurous, a fishing village where tranquility reigns and which is home to one of the island's postcards, the “laying coconut tree”.

How to get to Ilha Grande?

access to Big Island is only possible by means of boats or speedboats departing from Mangaratiba. On day trips, time is precious, so to avoid unforeseen events and enjoy the attractions better, many people choose to hire a service transfer departing directly from Rio de Janeiro. This option includes the speedboat to the Big Island and all tours.

Our tip is Rio Cultural Secrets, company works with private tours carrying out the main tours in the region with great safety and comfort.

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