Check out what to do in Bariloche and prepare an itinerary full of incredible attractions to enjoy the best of winter in Patagonia

The first image we have when thinking about San Carlos de Bariloche it's the white city, covered by snow, with the beautiful snowy mountains in the background. Therefore, the winter in Bariloche It is very popular with tourists, especially Brazilians who want to enjoy the cold and snowy season in a neighboring country.

Winter in the region bariloche it is quite cold and rainy and the temperatures between June and August can make the thermometers reach negative temperatures. It is very cold, but with it comes all the charm, the hot chocolates, the cozy atmosphere, the stunning view and the attractions amazing that only the Winter provides in bariloche.

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THE winter in bariloche offers experiences that will surprise any tourist. Meet some of them!

Quad Bike Ride in the Snow

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A quad bike ride in the snow already sounds very exciting, but one of the best experiences to live during the winter in bariloche is known as Nordic Night and will surely exceed your expectations. Can you imagine driving a quad bike at night in the midst of stunning scenery and then enjoying a delicious dinner?

The adventure begins when the tourist is taken up the mountain with the guidance of specialized guides to a Ski Center. The visitor is instructed and has all the support to learn to pilot the quadricycle. On board these 4×4 vehicles, there is a journey that lasts approximately 40 minutes through the snowy forests of lenga, a typical Patagonian tree. The scenery is stunning and the experience is unique, with a panoramic view of the illuminated city.

During the route, a strategic break to enjoy the scenery, take turns with the drivers and enjoy a delicious hot chocolate or wine around a campfire. Finally, a special toast and a fondue dinner celebrate a night never to be forgotten.

Ski Centers

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impossible to go to bariloche in winter and not visit one of your Ski Centers. The snowy mountains are practically an invitation to practice the most fun winter sports. Bariloche concentrates the best Ski Centers argentinians, which are well equipped and offer all the structure to make this experience unforgettable.

Fun is guaranteed even for those who have no idea how to practice the sport. You Ski Centers of the city are already prepared to instruct the tourist and help beginners with some basic techniques. In addition to skiing, snowboarding, skiing and snowboarding are also practiced. tubing, a kind of buoy that slides on ice.

THE Cerro Catedral, the oldest and most famous track in Argentina is also the most modern in South America. The hill has 120 kilometers on 9 ski slopes that can receive up to 35,000 skiers per hour. Visitors can count on the entire structure for skiing and snowboarding, in addition to enjoying the beautiful icy landscapes around. THE Cerro Catedral It has tracks suitable for all levels of difficulty, from beginners to the most advanced.

Located just over four kilometers from Bariloche, the white stones It is a complex that brings together five tracks for the practice of the most fun sport there is, the Esquibunda – there it is also known as sleigh, trineos or culipatin. To access the top of the slopes, you need to take a cable car. In total, there are approximately 3,000 meters to go down and have fun, bet on races and enjoy a unique landscape.

already the Cerro Otto Complex, concentrates several attractions in a stunning setting. One of them is to practice skibunda and other sports on the top of the mountain. In addition, the Cerro Otto brings you one of Bariloche's must-see attractions, the only revolving confectionery in South America.

the fun in us Bariloche Ski Centers is guaranteed, just don't forget to bring appropriate clothing for the cold for the Bariloche Ski Centers, such as overalls, as contact with ice is unavoidable.

Snowshoeing with snowshoes

Photo: Disclosure Bariloche Select Travel Agency

This is an unmissable tour experience in Bariloche during winter. Walking in the snow with snowshoes allows the tourist to have access to the wonderful Cerro Lopez without the need to ski. The rackets allow a greater displacement with comfort and speed in snowy or frozen terrain, giving a sensation of being floating on the surface.

The first stage of the ascent to Cerro Lopez is carried out with a 4×4 vehicle and then the continuation is on foot, with the aid of rackets. What can be seen is an impressive scenery of Bariloche, in addition to natural viewpoints to the immensity of the Nahuel Huapi National Park, with its lakes, islands and mountains. On the way back, a chocolate or cheese fondue is offered to recharge your batteries in Roca Negra, a traditional mountain retreat.


Photo: Stockcreations / Shutterstock

An attraction that every tourist should enjoy in Bariloche is the gastronomy. In winter, typical dishes with a Germanic influence, as well as typical Patagonian cuisine, are delicious and perfect for warming the senses.

Starting with a classic, chocolate. The city has more than 10 artisanal chocolate factories to choose from. In addition, there are several cozy teahouses that offer a very creamy and warm hot chocolate to match the snowy mountain climate.

Fondue is another unmissable dish that has everything to do with cold nights. The traditional Swiss recipe can be easily found on the streets of Bariloche. A tip is the La Marmite, traditional restaurant serving trout and fondue in the city.  

once in bariloche, nothing better than tasting the Patagonian gastronomy, world-renowned for its meat smoking technique. THE Weiss Family restaurant is well known for specializing in these dishes. With a rustic and cozy atmosphere, the restaurant's atmosphere is very charming. A good choice is the Patagonian lamb accompanied by a good wine to harmonize.

In addition to Argentine wines, available in several restaurants in the city, Bariloche also has a tradition of producing artisanal beers, a result of the German influence in the city. Among them is the Blest Brewery, a pioneer in the production of craft beer in bariloche.

Did you like the options of tours to do in Bariloche during the winter? Bariloche Select is an agency that has been in the market for over 10 years and is specialized in Brazilian tourism in Bariloche. Every year the company increases the number of tourists who are satisfied with the excursions carried out with complete safety, support and a huge variety of tours. Bariloche Select has a highly skilled and specialized team, as well as a special infrastructure to receive Brazilian tourists in Bariloche. Nothing like enjoying the best of the region with those who understand the subject, right?

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