Are you going to spend your holidays in Bariloche? Don't miss out on this selection of fun rides and activities to do with the kids there.

San Carlos de Bariloche, located in the south of Argentina, with its icy and charming mountains does not seem like the ideal place to have fun with children. But those who think that the city only has attractions aimed at adults or couples in love are wrong.

In addition to the wonderful landscapes, bariloche It has several activities and tours perfect for family vacations. For children who live in a tropical country like Brazil, having a first contact with snow can be the best of experiences. AND bariloche It is, without a doubt, a city that has all the infrastructure and security to offer moments of great fun for the little ones.

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To prove this, we have selected some places in Bariloche that promise to entertain and amuse the children as never. Just look:

Cerro Catedral

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One of the first ski resorts in South America, Cerro Catedral it is also one of the most complete. That means you won't have a hard time finding plenty of activities and attractions for kids to play with with the best of infrastructure.

THE ski school is one of them and allows children to train and learn some basic techniques of the sport with trained teachers. Everything is carried out on the simplest tracks and with the necessary equipment to guarantee hours of fun. It's very cute to see several children training and having fun on their skis. It is also an opportunity for the little ones who live in a tropical country to have their first contact with snow.

In addition to the little school, there is another option for a very lively activity, the snow tubing. You must have seen videos or photos on the internet of a kind of buoy that slides on ice. In it, it is possible to slide and go down the ice rinks with a lot of adrenaline and emotion. The feeling of slipping in the snow is wonderful and the kids love it.

Beaches of Bariloche

Photo: Buenaventuramariano / iStockphoto

But bariloche It has beach? Yes he has. In summer, when the snow melts, the shores of lakes with clear water in the region become wonderful beaches. As Bariloche has many lakes, there is no shortage of options to enjoy with children. There are some lakes with fine sand and others with rocks, but their waters are, in general, very calm and calm.

To have fun with greater safety, prefer beaches with shallower lakes, such as Praia Bahía. Located on Lake Nahuel Huapi, it is surrounded by green areas, has fine sand and a family atmosphere. There are options for renting water equipment.

Walk on the frozen pond

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This tour is guaranteed fun for the whole family! THE frozen lagoon is a small green pond present in the snowy forest that freezes in winter. In addition to being great fun to walk along the frozen surface of the lagoon, there is also a small trail that leads to a lookout point nearby. It is recommended for children to do this route in the afternoon, as the walking path is shorter. The frozen lagoon tour lasts about two hours.  

The agency Bariloche Select prepared a discounted package for families who want to walk in the Congelada Lagoon with children aged between 4 and 11 years. Click here to know more.

In addition to this package, all the tours indicated here are also carried out by Bariloche Select, an agency that provides full support in excursions for Brazilian tourists visiting Bariloche.

white stones

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Located just over four kilometers from Bariloche, the white stones It is a complex that brings together five tracks for the practice of the most fun sport there is, the Esquibunda – there it is also known as sleigh, trineos or culipatin.

As the fun of the sport is to practice it seated, there is no danger of falls. Access to the five lanes of the white stones it is carried out using a cable car and, in addition, the complex has a space for children to play in the snow.

Do not forget to bring appropriate clothing for the cold, such as overalls, as contact with ice is inevitable. No doubt this will be an amazing experience to do with the kids!

chocolate museum

What child doesn't like chocolate? THE Havana Chocolate Museum It is a true paradise for lovers of these delights. The museum belongs to the famous Havanna brand and will show children the history of chocolate, from its discovery to the present day. There, children – and adults alike – can discover how Havanna's famous Argentine chocolates are prepared through a guided tour.

And after so much chocolate, the end of the visit will not disappoint the little ones: it's time to taste some delicacies. There is also a little shop where you can buy various goodies.

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