Not sure what to do in Buzios? Check out 16 must-see tourist attractions and discover the main tourist attractions of the destination

highlight of Lakes Region, the city of Búzios has a charming center and some of the most beautiful beaches on the north coast of Rio de Janeiro. Búzios has a great infrastructure and offers great inns, hotels and restaurants for all tourist profiles.

The destination is just 3 hours from the City of Rio de Janeiro and offers easy access to two other very popular destinations in the state: Cable camp and Cabo Frio.

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Have fun on fun boat trips on beaches and islands, and have an unforgettable experience like flying over the peninsula in a helicopter, diving in the blue waters of the region or venturing on trails and paradisiacal scenery.

16 attractions to discover in Buzios

Schooner tour

Photo: Lucas Molina / Wikimedia Commons

the most fun of tours to do in Buzios is certainly the schooner on the beaches of the resort. Offered by tourist agencies, the tour passes through 12 different beaches, among them some of the most famous, such as Azeda, João Fernandes and Tartaruga. However, the vessel stops at only 3 dive sites. 

The tour lasts about 3:30 and is a great way to discover your favorite beaches, so you can return with more time.

Rua das Pedras

Photo: Marcelo César Augusto / Wikimedia Commons

Rua das Pedras is the most famous access road in Búzios. Full of charming restaurants, funky bars and attractive shops, the street is considered the heart of downtown and where the bustling nightlife of Búzios takes place. 

If you are looking for an accommodation option with a good location, close to restaurants and the main beaches of Búzios, this region is ideal for you.

Ferradura Beach

Photo: Alberto1939 / Wikimedia Commons

With clear waters and calm seas, Praia da Ferradura is one of the most popular in Búzios.

The beach is surrounded by hotels, inns, restaurants and bars, and can be a great alternative to relax and enjoy a pleasant day.

Geriba beach

Photo: Gabriel Rocha / Wikimedia Commons

The busiest of the beaches in Búzios, Geribá is almost 2 km long and is full of bars and stalls. The beach is 5 km from the city center and despite having some inns, this is a residential area of the city, and therefore, quieter.

If you are a fan of water sports, be sure to take a surf lesson at the schools scattered along the shore. Another option is to walk to Praia da Ferradurinha, along the trail on the side of the beach.

Bardot edge

Photo: Fulviusbsas / Wikimedia Commons

Full of colorful boats and famous Búzios sculptures, such as the bronze sculptures by Brigitte Bardot, JK and the three fishermen, Orla Bardot is an unmissable place to take a walk and contemplate the landscapes of Búzios.

The Orla is also surrounded by great restaurants and hotels and is accessible from Rua das Pedras.

Joao Fernandes and Joao Fernandinho 

Photo: Lorraineoli / Wikimedia Commons

Located at the tip of the Búzios peninsula, both beaches have one of the best places for swimming in the city. In João Fernandes, a strip of sand and sea with calm waves attract families and groups of friends. Praia de João Fernandinho is smaller and more reserved.

Access is via a staircase at the top of the slope of Rua João Fernandes.

Sorrel and Sorrel

Tourist attractions in Buzios

Photo: Halley Pacheco de Oliveira / Wikimedia Commons

With access through Praia dos Ossos, the beaches of Sorrel and Sorrel They have clear and calm waters. These are two of the most beloved and visited beaches in Búzios. A great place for those looking for tranquility and wonderful scenery.

Olho de Boi beach

Tourist attractions in Buzios

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Flickr

Olho de Boi Beach is famous for the nudist community that frequents Búzios. The site is difficult to access on a trail that starts on the right side of Praia Brava. Despite being small, the attraction has a calm climate and can be an option to escape from the most crowded beaches of Búzios.

Praia da Foca

Tourist attractions in Buzios

Photo: Kcris Ramos / Wikimedia Commons

Surrounded by rocks, Praia da Foca is a little more isolated from the other beaches in Búzios. Access is via an easily accessible trail on Rua Vinte e Um, near Praia da Forno. 

The differential of this beach is the huge natural pool formed during low tide. 

Forno Beach

Photo: Diego Rego Monteiro / Flickr

With little circulation of tourists, Praia do Forno is ideal for those looking for a reserved and quiet place. Although small, the beach has simple infrastructure and is not far from the center of Búzios.

Buzios night

things to do in buzios

Photo: Photo: Kcris Ramos / Wikimedia Commons

Night of Búzios The night of the city of Búzios is fun and electrifying. You can enjoy the pubs and bars with live music on Rua das Pedras, some of the nightclubs in the center, or spend the night at a delicious luau that always happens suddenly.


things to do in buzios

Tourist attractions in Buzios. Photo: Disclosure

The Búzios Peninsula is home to hundreds of marine species and is therefore a great place for diving. Many agencies offer the tour both for baptism and for experienced divers.

In addition to the experience of watching turtles, seahorses, colorful fish and, if you are lucky, dolphins, those who choose to take a dip also have the opportunity to enjoy a boat ride with non-alcoholic drinks and snacks included.

buggy rental 

things to do in buzios

Photo: Disclosure

The most fun way to explore the city and gain time to discover more attractions is to rent a buggy. There are several rental companies in the city that offer the service that can be shared by up to 4 people.

Call your friends, wear a lot of sunscreen and feel the breeze of the incredible Búzios peninsula!

Helicopter Tour in Búzios

things to do in buzios

Tourist attractions in Buzios. Photo: Disclosure

Looking for strong emotions and an unforgettable experience? How about flying over the region's beaches and an exciting helicopter flight?

The company Heliparty offers a tour departing from the viewpoint of Alto de João Fernandes and allows views of the vegetation, sea, islands and beaches for 15 minutes.

Return to Arraial do Cabo 

things to do in buzios

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa / Flickr

Another very famous destination in the Lagos Region is the city of Arraial do Cabo. The neighboring municipality has some of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil and is approximately 40 km from Búzios. You can choose to take a tour offered at tourist agencies, or arrive at the destination using the travel buses that connect the two municipalities. 

Once there, be sure to visit the famous Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia and the paradisiacal Praia do Forno.

Return to Cabo Frio

things to do in buzios

Tourist attractions in Buzios. Photo: Ezarate / Flickr

Cabo Frio is another must-see attraction for anyone traveling through the Lagos Region. The city has a good infrastructure for tourists and, like its neighbors Búzios and Arraial do Cabo, the destination offers countless paradisiacal beaches.

When in town, be sure to check out Praia do Forte and Ilha do Japonês.

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