Don't know what to do in Curitiba? Check out 16 must-see attractions and discover the main tourist attractions in the capital of Paraná

The capital of Paraná is a great destination for weekend tourism, long holidays or even for that extended stay on a business trip. Curitiba is very easy to travel and there is no shortage of options to do, whether it be gastronomic itineraries, historical sites, green areas and nightlife. 

The city, which has a reputation for being well organized, has many attractions and sights. And the best part is that most are free or affordable, perfect for any type of traveller. 

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Check below 16 tourist attractions in Curitiba that you cannot miss during your stay and make your visit an incredible experience. 

What to do in Curitiba

Oscar Niemeyer museum 


Photo: Marcelo Pereto / Flickr

Known as the “Museum of the Eye” because of its distinctive architecture, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum is the largest art museum in Latin America and was once considered one of the 20 most beautiful museums in the world. Its exhibitions bring out the best of modern art in all its forms. In addition, the museum also hosts historical exhibitions and also has a hall dedicated to the memory of its architect. 

  • Address: R. Bad. Hermes, 999 – Civic Center

Curitiba Botanical Garden 


Photo: Ricardo Marconato / Wikimedia Commons

If you go to Curitiba, you have to go to Jardim Botânico, one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Created in the image of French gardens, it spreads its carpet of flowers to visitors right at the entrance.

Once inside the forest, which is composed of preserved Atlantic forest, the visitor will have a view of the greenhouse, in a metallic structure, which houses botanical species that are national references, in addition to a water source. Inside the Garden, it is also possible to stroll through the Garden of Sensations, a 200-meter trail where tourists walk blindfolded to absorb with their sense of smell and touch various species and biome reconstructions. 

  • Address: R. Eng. Ostoja Roguski – Botanical Garden

Wire Opera 

what to do Curitiba

Photo: Cássio Abreu / Wikimedia Commons

A magnificent theater that sits on top of a lake, built with steel tubes and metallic structures, covered with transparent polycarbonate plates resembling the structure of a wire, this is the Ópera de Arame theater, showing that its architecture is the first act of any part. It has a capacity for 2,400 spectators and a 400m² stage for artistic and cultural presentations.

  • Address: R. João Gava, 970 – Abranches

Tanguá Park 

Photo: Vitor Hirota / Wikimedia Commons

Tanguá Park is one of the main ones in Curitiba. It has an incredible beauty with its water mirrors and local buildings. The park has an excellent tourist structure, with a 65-meter viewpoint that provides a beautiful view, an excellent bistro and metal decks to enjoy the afternoon.

  • Address: Rua Oswaldo Maciel, 97 – Taboão

Barigui Park 

Sights in Curitiba

Photo: Fer14041978 / Wikimedia Commons

The park was named after the Barigui River that flows through it. Cut by a public road, the park is divided in half into two sections. On one side, a beautiful forest with trails and gardens, on the other, the lake allows the visitor to observe various animals of the local fauna. 

  • Address: Av. Cândido Hartmann, Y/N – Bigorrilho

German forest 

Photo: Adelano Lázaro / Wikimedia Commons

The forest is located in what was the old farm of Schaffer family, it was created as a way of honoring the culture and traditions of the German families who came to Curitiba from 1833 onwards. It is formed by dense native forest and typical architecture.

  • Address: R. Nicolo Paganini, s/n – Pilarzinho

Panoramic Tower 

what to do Curitiba

Sights in Curitiba. Photo: Pexels

Because it was inaugurated by the state-owned company, it is also known as the Telepar Tower. Its initial objective was to function as a telecommunications tower, but due to its height, it also ended up becoming the Panoramic Tower of Curitiba. 

  • Address: Rua Professor Lycio Grein Castro Vellozo, 191 – Mercês

Tingui Park 

Photo: Disclosure

Its name was given in honor of the ancient indigenous population that lived in the region, so it is possible to find a statue of Cacique Tindiquêra on the site. In addition, the park has a beautiful Ukrainian memorial, to commemorate immigration to Brazil.

  • Address: Av. Fredolin Wolf, 1870 – Little Pilar

Curitiba Municipal Market 

Places to visit in Curitiba

Places to visit in Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure

The Municipal Market of Curitiba is a traditional public market where you can find an immense variety of products and enjoy the typical foods of the region.

  • Address: Av. September 7th, 1865 – Center

Ukrainian Memorial 

Sights in Curitiba

Sights in Curitiba. Photo: Pexels

The Memorial was inaugurated in 1995, where some replicas of buildings made by immigrants were built. And if you go at Easter time, they have a special food blessing ceremony.

  • Address: R. Dr. Mbá de Ferrante, s/n – Parque Tingui

XV de Novembro Street 

Places to visit in Curitiba

Photo: Jurandir Coelho / Flickr

Also known as Rua das Flores, it was the first major pedestrian street in Brazil. With flower beds and touristy bars it's a great place to start your night. 

Historic Center of Curitiba 

Places to visit in Curitiba

Places to visit in Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure

If your goal is to know a little more about the history of Curitiba, the Historic Center is the right place. There you will find 15 blocks with buildings of historical and cultural importance, in addition to being a beautiful walk! 

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib Mosque 

Sights in Curitiba

Sights in Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure

The religious temple Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib was opened in 1972 for the Muslim community in the region. Built in an Islamic architectural style, it is a great place to visit and learn a little more about the religion.

  • Address: R. Kellers, 383 – San Francisco

Graciosa Road 

Places to visit in Curitiba

Places to visit in Curitiba. Photo: Otávio Nogueira

Estrada da Graciosa uses the old route used by drovers to go to the coast of the state. This road crosses one of the most preserved stretches of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil with tropical forest and beautiful streams.

Pope John Paul II Grove 

Places to visit in Curitiba

Places to visit in Curitiba. Photo: Disclosure

Bosque Papa João Paulo II is located in the central region of Curitiba and is a reserve that is home to more than 300 araucaria trees. The grove was created in honor of the Pope and is home to the Polish Immigration Memorial.

  • Address: Rua Wellington de Oliveira Viana, 33 – Civic Center

Cathedral Basilica Minor of Our Lady of Light

Sights in Curitiba

Sights in Curitiba. Photo: Clicking Curitiba

Where in 1668 there was a small church built of wattle and daub, today we can see the beautiful Cathedral Basilica Minor of Nossa Senhora da Luz. Don't miss the opportunity to visit the Cathedral and appreciate its neo-gothic style of architecture.

  • Address: R. Barão do Serro Azul, 31 – Downtown

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