Things to do in João Pessoa: Discover what this part of the Northeast has to offer in terms of natural and cultural beauty for all types of travel 

when you think about João Pessoa, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? If you thought about the beach, without a doubt, it is a destination that surprises with its natural beauties. However, there are several other tours to venture out and learn more about the culture and history of the place. So gather your family, friends, crush, or take a solo trip and enjoy these tips that we separate to help you put together a complete script. 

Tours and attractions in Joao Pessoa

San Francisco Cultural Center

Photo: Ricardosoliveira4 / Wikimedia Commons

A must-see complex that offers some attractions for tourists, especially for those more connected to religion. There you will find the Church of São Francisco, the Convent of Santo Antônio, the Museum of Sacred Art and some chapels. In addition to being interesting for the look, it is a trip back in time, as construction began in 1589, and was completed in 1788! Generations were able to experience the birth of this place. 

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Cabo Branco Station 


Photo: Ruy Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

From the name, you might think it's a train station, but no. The Cabo Branco Station is a project created by Niemeyer that aims at science, culture and art. It is composed of modern buildings and still offers entertainment for children, with playgrounds, educational toys, exhibitions and even a space with astronomy projects, with the observation of the stars. Check the schedule before going and enjoy this diversity of programs. 

Cabo Branco Lighthouse 


Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

With a triangular shape, the Cabo Branco Lighthouse is a very important landmark for João Pessoa, as it symbolizes the extreme of the Americas. It is there that the sun rises first in the southern part of the continent, which is a beautiful place to enjoy this moment. And since in this paradise everything is possible, it is still located on a cliff, with a view of the sea, which cannot be missed. 

tile house 


Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: MURUCUTU / Wikimedia Commons

Another option for a historical tour in the city, Casa dos Azulejos is an 18th century building and was where Commander Antonio Santos Coelho lived. Today it is a listed heritage, but it draws attention for its look. As its name suggests, its exterior is covered in blue Portuguese tiles, coming directly from Porto. 

Our Lady of Carmo Church 


Photo: Ruy Carvalho / Wikimedia Commons

When strolling through the Historic Center, be sure to visit Nossa Senhora do Carmo Church, which delights architecture lovers. It was built in stone and features a Baroque style, which blends with the wall tiles. 

Tambau beach

attractions in paraiba

Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: Disclosure

One of the most popular tourist attractions in João Pessoa, Praia de Tambaú is considered one of the best in the region. This fame is not for nothing, since the neighborhood that surrounds it is pure movement! Not to mention that it is a great option to spend a very relaxing day, as there are a number of kiosks on the boardwalk and a delicious sea for diving, with calmer greenish waves that enchant. 

Cabo Branco beach

attractions in paraiba

Photo: Disclosure

If there's one thing that João Pessoa has plenty of, it's sun and nature and this set is abundant in Praia de Cabo Branco, neighboring Tambaú. It pleases people who want more action, as it has a busier section, with kiosks and structure, but also for those looking for peace, just walk towards Cabo de Santo Agostinho to find a very quiet corner. Beware of the sea that has strong waves. 

Bessa beach

attractions in paraiba

Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: Eduardo Rodrigues / Flickr

Praia do Bessa is another option for those who like to enjoy the beauties of João Pessoa. With a scenario composed of coconut trees, calm sea and a calmer atmosphere, it is perfect for those who want to connect with nature. If you're lucky, it's still possible to bump into some turtles, since at some points on the beach they spawn. 

Red Sand Island

attractions in paraiba

Photo: Disclosure

Have you ever thought about staying in the middle of the sea with your feet in the sand? This is possible when the tide is low at Praia de Areia Vermelha, which is even known as an island, due to the dark colored sand blocks that form. So famous among tourists, the place has even gained structure with kiosks and tents for people to have more comfort while enjoying this incredible scenery. The tour usually leaves from Praia do Poço, but when the tide is low, it is possible to walk from Praia de Camboinhas. 

Costa do Conde 

attractions in paraiba

Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: Roberto Ravanini / Wikimedia Commons

A true paradise 26 km from João Pessoa, with clear waters, calm seas and a super pleasant temperature for diving, welcome to Costa do Conde. Undoubtedly one of the most special corners of the city, which has a stunning rustic look, composed of coconut trees and cliffs. Dedicate a few days of the trip to enjoy all the possibilities that this place offers, there are 20 km of beaches: Praia de Gramame, Praia do Amor, Praia de Jacumã, Caripabus, Tabatinga, Coqueirinhos and Tambaba.

Sunset at Jacaré Beach 

tours in João Pessoa

Photo: Henrique Martins de Oliveira

Another unforgettable experience in João Pessoa, enjoying the sunset at Praia do Jacaré. The charm is not only in the late afternoon show, but in the boat ride that passes through the Paraíba River while a musician plays Bolero de Ravel, which makes this farewell to the sun so special. 

Paraiba Craft Market

tours in João Pessoa

Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: Disclosure

Get ready for shopping and leave some money aside before you end your trip, because you'll need it when you get to the Mercado de Artesanato Paraibano. There it has everything and a little more: travel souvenirs, clothes, typical delicacies scattered in many stores.

Picãozinho natural pools

tours in João Pessoa

Photo: Disclosure

You can already see that João Pessoa does not disappoint on the beaches and neither do the Picãozinho Natural Pools. The tour can be hired in the city at a local tourist agency and offers the chance to dive in crystal clear waters to view reefs and all the marine life of the place. Get your snorkel ready, fins, because you're going to need to swim a lot! 

Seixas natural pools

tours in João Pessoa

Tours in João Pessoa. Photo: via CVC

Another option for those who like to venture into the sea and watch fish are the natural pools of Seixas that fill your eyes, with warm and transparent waters. To get there, you have to go by Catamarã, which departs from nearby Tambaú. 

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