Looking for things to do in Manaus? We have selected 28 must-see tourist attractions in the Amazonian capital for you to check out during your trip

Considered the gateway to the Amazon Forest, the capital of the state of Amazonas is full of natural attractions and historic buildings from the so-called “Belle Époque” Manaus, a period marked by luxury and beauty, generated by the rubber cycle.

These buildings form some of the main postcards of the state and many of them were listed by the Instituto do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional (Iphan), among them the Teatro Amazonas and the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa.

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If you are thinking of discovering the beauties and mysteries of the forest, Manaus is the perfect base to start exploring the region. Close to the city of Presidente Figueiredo and the Anavilhanas and Jaú National Parks, the city offers quick day trips to some of the most beautiful and eccentric destinations in the Amazon jungle. If you are intending to know the destination, check out this list with 29 attractions to discover in Manaus.

28 attractions to discover in Manaus

Amazonas Theater

what to do in manaus

Photo: Alexinaldo Granela Borja / Wikimedia Commons

Manaus' main postcard, Teatro Amazonas is located in Largo de São Sebastião, downtown. Symbol of the height of the Rubber Cycle, the theater was opened in 1869 to promote shows to the Amazonian elite of the time. 

If you have the opportunity, take a free guided tour and learn about the stories and curiosities of the construction. 

Ponta Negra beach

what to do in manaus

Photo: Gabriel Fialho / Wikimedia Commons

The busiest urban beach in Manaus is located on the banks of the Rio Negro in one of the most chic neighborhoods in the city. Its waterfront has some options of snack bars with bars and is a great place to cool off from the intense heat of this region of Brazil.

Adolpho Lisbon Market

what to do in manaus

Photo: Daniel Cortez / Wikimedia Commons

The best point in town to discover the ingredients and regional cuisine. Also known as “Mercadão”, the space has several stalls with typical food, handicrafts, regional products and some simple restaurants. 

MUSE – Museum of the Amazon

what to do in manaus

Photo: Disclosure

The Museu da Amazônia Jardim Botânico is more than 5 km long on the banks of the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve. The Botanical Garden has an enormous diversity of Amazonian fauna that can be seen on a pleasant 3 km trail. 

Another must-see is the climb up the observation tower, which is 42 meters high and offers a privileged view of the reserve.

Meeting of the Waters

what to do in manaus

Photo: Mario Roberto Duran Ortiz / Wikimedia Commons

Going to Manaus and not visiting the meeting of the rivers and the waters is like going to Rome and not visiting the Coliseum. The natural phenomenon divides the brown waters of the Solimões River with the dark waters of the Negro River for about 6 km.

During the boat trip, tourists can feel the difference between the river temperatures and the bravest can cool off in a quick dip.

Largo de Sao Sebastiao 

what to do in manaus

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: Pedro Angelini / Wikimedia Commons

Meeting point in the historic center of Manaus, Largo de São Sebastião is surrounded by must-see attractions in Manaus Belle Époque, such as the Teatro Amazonas and the Church of São Sebastião.

This is the ideal point to start a tour walking around the attractions close to the center and finding restaurants to taste the local cuisine. 

Rio Negro Palace

what to do in manaus

Photo: Dennis Jarvis / Wikimedia Commons

The imposing mansion of Palácio Rio Negro once served as the seat of government and official residence of the state governor.

Certainly one of the most emblematic buildings built during the Rubber Cycle, today it has become a cultural center and promotes recitals, exhibitions and other cultural activities.

golden beach

what to do in manaus

Photo: Disclosure

Another well-known bathing spot is Praia Dourada. The attraction is 1 and a half hours from downtown Manaus on a floating stream that contains restaurants and bars.

Moon Beach

what to do in manaus

Photo: Robervaldo Rocha/ SEMCOM

The wonderful river beach has a peninsula of white sand in the middle of the Rio Negro.

Accessed by boats and speedboats, the beach has this name because it has a crescent shape and receives many bathers mainly on weekends.

Rubber Museum 

what to do in manaus

Photo: Disclosure

The thematic space aims to take its visitors on a journey to the rubber era in the state. Maintained by the Government of the Amazon, the site is located 25 minutes from Manaus, on the banks of the São João stream, in the countryside of the capital.

Bridge Journalist Phelippe Daou 

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: Ana Claudia Jatahy / MTUR

The bridge that connects Manaus to the municipality of Iranduba is almost 4 thousand meters long and was built over the dark waters of the Rio Negro.

Manauaras claim that this is one of the best places to watch the sunset in the Amazonian capital.

Church of San Sebastian 

Photo: Disclosure

The Church of São Sebastião was the third Catholic temple built in Manaus, right behind Igreja da Matriz and Igreja dos Remédios. 

With neoclassical style, the church is decorated with medieval elements and several paintings on its walls and ceiling.

Indian Museum 

Photo: Disclosure

Considered the largest museum of indigenous history in Brazil, the museum has an incredible collection of more than 3,000 pieces, including instruments, household items and weapons.

Amazon Gallery

Photo: Disclosure

The store offers indigenous pieces such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, ceramics and basketry, displays paintings, sculptures and wooden crafts created by different ethnicities and communities.

The space has modern decor and the way the pieces are displayed resemble an art gallery.

Heliodoro Balbi Square

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: Disclosure

Well wooded and with a beautiful landscape design, Praça Heliodoro Balbi has more than 100 years of history and has been the stage for several cultural events in Manaus.

A great stopping place after a walk through the city center, the square has ponds, statues, bandstands and kiosks with cafes and snack bars.

Science Forest – INPA

Photo: Disclosure

In the heart of the urban area of Manaus, there is an intact piece of the Amazon Forest.

The Amazon Research Institute (INPA) has 13 hectares of green area where animals such as giant otters, manatees and monkeys live, which can be observed on educational trails.

Tambaqui de Banda

Photo: Disclosure

Explore the exotic and delicious Amazonian cuisine in one of the most famous restaurants in Manaus. Tambaqui de Banda presents dishes with traditional ingredients from the region, such as the freshwater fish tambaqui grilled and pirarucu moqueca.

Amazon Arena

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Portal da Copa / Government of Brazil

The FIFA Standard stadium is 30 minutes from the Historic Center of Manaus and was opened in 2014, during the World Cup in Brazil. Today the place hosts football matches, cultural events and great music concerts.

Visit to indigenous villages

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: Oliver Kornblihtt

Those who visit Manaus have the opportunity to meet one of the indigenous tribes that live near the capital. Some agencies offer tours to get to know the indigenous culture, a great option is the Dessana village, located in the Tupé Reserve.

New Airão

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Disclosure

The small town of Novo Airão is a great destination for those looking to have contact with the Amazon rainforest.

The municipality is 180 km from Manaus and is very visited by tourists who want to find the exotic pink dolphins. Novo Airão is also the base for travelers who want to know the Anavilhanas and Jaú National Parks.

Anavilhanas National Park

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Disclosure

The reserve is home to the second largest archipelago in the world, with more than 400 islands and dozens of lakes that form white sand beaches during the dry season.

During the flood season, from April to September, visitors can explore the forest on fun boat excursions.

Jau National Park

Photo: Disclosure

Recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the Jaú National Park is simply the fourth largest forest reserve in the country and is home to exotic landscapes of the Amazon Rainforest.

The reserve is just 100 km from the city of Novo Airão, where it is necessary to take a speedboat to access it.

The Jaú National Park has attractions throughout the year. The dry season (usually between September and February) and flood (between March and August) in the Amazon provide different landscapes and experiences.

Alligator Focus

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: manausjungletours

Alligator spotting is done at night, when the animals are more easily seen with the help of flashlights, which, when thrown in the dark, are able to reflect the animals' eyes.

When found, the guides capture the animal and explain some curiosities about the species' natural habitat.

The activity is offered in tourism agencies or expeditions on Amazonian cruises.

Staying in a Jungle Hotel

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Disclosure

Manaus is considered the official entrance to the Amazon Rainforest and you can feel what it is like to spend the night in the middle of the forest very close to the Amazonian capital. There are many options for hotels, from the most luxurious, to simple options such as hostels. 

Check out this article with accommodation options in the forest.

river cruise

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Disclosure

Certainly one of the most authentic and interesting experiences of getting to know the beauties of the Amazon Rainforest. Several companies offer boat cruises with different itineraries. You can opt for the exquisite cruise from Iberostar Grand Amazon and the super cozy boat Katerre expedition.

Back President Figueiredo

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Disclosure

Very close to Manaus, the city of President Figueiredo it is known as the “land of the Amazonian waterfalls” and with good reason. The municipality is a well-known resort for the Manauaras and has dozens of waterfalls of all sizes and aspects, perfect for easing the heat of the Amazon Rainforest.

Caves, lakes, streams, streams and natural pools are other popular attractions in Presidente Figueiredo.

Parintins Folklore Festival

Tourist attractions in Manaus

Photo: Clara Angeleas / MinC

The Parintins Folkloric Festival is the biggest popular festival in the Amazon and is internationally known. Its editions take place annually on the last weekend of June.

The party is recognized as Cultural Heritage of Brazil by the National Institute of Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN) and has been taking place since 1965.

The festival takes place in the city of Parintins, at Bumbódromo, a cultural and sports center shaped like a bull's head and with a capacity for 35,000 people.

Ruins of the Hotel Ariaú Towers

what to do in manaus

Tourist attractions in Manaus. Photo: Disclosure

The Ariaú Towers was considered the most famous jungle hotel in the country. Located 60 km from Manaus, the hotel has received famous guests, such as oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, billionaire Bill Gates, former US president Jimmy Carter and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, among others.

Installed on the banks of the Ariaú River, a tributary of the Rio Negro, the hotel had an impressive structure with decks that access parts of the river and native forest, in addition to five towers, from four to seven floors. After a severe financial crisis, the structure fell into oblivion and today I attract the curious to see what is left of the imposing structure.

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