Much more than an airlift, the Panamanian capital brings together must-see attractions. Check out an itinerary to enjoy classic tours in just 48 hours and learn what to do in Panama City

Imagine a modern, clean city with buildings that are not far behind first world countries. With just over 800 thousand inhabitants, the Panama City it is a charming mixture of the past and the present and offers tourists very democratic experiences, which everyone can enjoy.

The Panamanian capital has an impressive historical wealth, places to take outdoor walks, luxury settings, many shopping options, a vibrant nightlife and a wide and varied cuisine.

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The attractions of the Panamanian city are many, but it is possible to visit the main tourist attractions in 48 hours. For this, we have prepared an itinerary with classic tours for you to discover the Panama City in just two days.

What to do in Panama City – Day 1

THE Casco Viejo, also known as San Felipe or Casco Antiguo, is the historic center of Panama City and one of the most charming tours to take in the city. Lose yourself in the cobblestone streets and discover several century-old colonial-style mansions – many of them recently restored.

On the walk it is also possible to visit places such as Plaza de la Independencia, Basilica Santa Maria, Plaza Bolivar it's the Santo Domingo Convent. Include some gastronomic activity in this tour, as the Casco Viejo concentrates a lot of good local cuisine and has several restaurants, bars and cafes.

Photo: Ravi Sarma / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

Between the Casco Viejo and the Coastal Belt They are Seafood Market, which is another great option for lunch. There are dishes with fresh fish and seafood, but the atmosphere of the place itself is worth the trip. There are also several stalls offering the famous and traditional ceviche.

Do you like to walk? The Coastal Belt is your place. It is almost five kilometers long, leading from the old city area to the modern region of Panama City, known as Punta Paitilla. Along the way, gardens, parks, courts and a view of the giant skyscrapers that contrast with the old part of the city. The area is spotless, bright and ideal for rollerblading or cycling.

If time is not too tight, a tip is to take advantage of shopping in Panama City. Take some time and head to Albrook Mall, which is strategically positioned and connects various points of the city. This shopping center is very democratic and has more than 2 kilometers full of shops. Other options that also offer very tempting offers for Brazilians are Metromall, Multiplaza and Multicentro.

Photo: Brian Gratwicke / Flickr Wikimedia Commons

The nightlife of the Panamanian capital is lively and brings together restaurants, bars and nightclubs for all tastes. One of the city's hotspots is Calle Uruguay, which has a variety of entertainment options and is always very busy any day of the week. The city's mood is conducive to partying, so set aside a night to enjoy some of Panama City's bustling life and venture out to the beat of the rumba.

What to do in Panama City – Day 2

a trip to Panama would not make sense or be complete without visiting one of the great works of modern engineering, the Panama Canal. Reserve the morning to see the imposing construction that joins the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, as if it were an elevator, shortening the distance for several vessels. It is almost 80 kilometers long and its inmates are the height of a seven-story building.

Photo: Stan Shebs / Wikimedia Commons

The Miraflores Visitor Center allows the tourist to observe, through panoramic floors and all floors, when the inmates open and close as the vessels pass through the place. There is also a museum and the exhibition of a documentary to learn more about how the historic building works.

THE Amateur Causeway It is a place that cannot be missed because of its beauty and history. It was a bridge built with material taken from the Panama Canal and grounded for about 2 kilometers to the islands of Naos, Perico and Flamenco. Built in 1913, the site functioned as a military fort to protect access to the Canal Panama. Currently, it is still possible to observe some military remains on the islands.

Transformed into a tourist attraction, it turned out to be one of the most popular places in Panama City, with a beautiful view of the city and the boats that await access to the canal. The Amador Causeway also has several entertainment options such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs. For those who enjoy shopping, there is also a Free Shop on Isla Flaminco, the only one in the city besides the one inside the airport.

On the Causeway is also the Biomuseum, designed by the famous architect Frank Gehry, the same one who designed the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. In addition to an outstanding architectural work, the museum is a space dedicated to explaining more about the geology, fauna and flora of the Panama region. It is a real space to understand the region's biodiversity and its influence on the entire planet.

Panama Viejo should also be added to your city tour. The attraction is located close to the airport – by car, it is only 20 minutes away – so it can be included as a last visit point before boarding. In any case, be sure to set aside time on your visit to Panama City to discover Panama Viejo, incredible ruins of Spanish colonial buildings from the 16th century.

Considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, it was there where the first Spanish village in the country was installed and, therefore, the place has a lot of historical importance for the Panamanian people. The ruins house a museum where it is possible to discover more about the beginnings of the city and a space that offers handicrafts produced by the Kuna Indians.

Photo: lapping / Pixabay

Extra tip: Have a little time to spare? Stay three more days in the country and discover the incredible San Blas Archipelago, formed by more than 360 paradise islands. Click on here to get to know some of them and, who knows, extend your trip a little longer.

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