Porto: discover now the main tours, attractions and places that make this destination so special in Portugal

Portugal It is a country much sought after in Europe by people from all over the world, especially by Brazilians. It is a destination that is on the rise and also guarantees a trip with great value for money, as accommodation, food and even tours have lower prices compared to other countries on the European continent. There are several cities to visit, but none compares to the charm of Porto. Situated on the banks of the Rio Doro, it provides an experience to delight the eyes and warm the heart. 

It is the second most populous city in Portugal that knew how to navigate between the past, preserving important sources of its history, with the future, with avant-garde air present in restaurants, shops and hotels. It is a journey that must be washed down with a lot of wine, coming from the cavas, which are in Vila Nova de Gaia, a neighboring municipality of Porto that can be accessed by crossing the D. Luís I bridge.

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Prepare to walk a lot, as most of the sights are located in the center, within walking distances, but don't worry, the local cuisine will not fail in its mission to rescue all the lost energy. In fact, trying the typical dishes is another attraction, which cannot be missed in any road map, like the others attractions Next. 

What to do in the city of Porto

Clerigos Tower

What to do in the city of Porto – Portugal. Photo: Photo: Jori Avlis / Flickr

For visitors who want a privileged and panoramic view of Porto, the Clérigos Tower should be the main stop. It is a granite construction with 75 meters high and 240 steps, take your breath away! When you're there, don't miss the Clérigos Church, whose architecture represents a Baroque masterpiece. 

Livraria Lello

Photo: Disclosure

THE Livraria Lello it is considered one of the most beautiful in the world, with a wooden staircase that make up the two floors of this building that look like a magical place, straight out of a fairy tale. The place became famous, because it was frequented by the writer JK Rownling, author of Harry Potter, who was inspired by the bookstore to portray one of the scenes in which the character buys his books to enter the school of witchcraft. 

Cathedral of Porto 

Photo: Vitor Oliveira / Flickr

Another unmissable place to visit in Porto, the Sé Cathedral is a beautiful building, in the romantic style, built in the 12th century. Its architecture impresses visitors, as it is a fortress with two side towers and its interior too, there are chapels and an altar that contains gold, a real gem. 

Stock Exchange Palace

What to do in the city of Porto – Portugal. Photo: Hugo Cadavez / Wikimedia Commons

Considered a national monument, Palácio da Bolsa is one of the most sought after buildings by visitors, who want to see its exuberant architecture up close. It was built in a former convent and houses the headquarters of the Porto Commercial Association. Today, it offers tours of its luxurious rooms.

Sao Bento Station

Porto tours and attractions

Tours and attractions in Porto. Photo: Disclosure

Unlike traditional train stations, São Bento represents a part of the city's history with an architecture that delights all visitors. It was built in 1900 and before a convent operated on the site, hence its name. Inside the station, there is a huge panel of tiles that cover the walls and represent one of Porto's postcards. 

Chapel of Souls

Photo: Vitor Oliveira / Wikimedia Commons

As everything in Porto is exceptionally beautiful, Capela das Almas, the most famous in the region, could not be different. Despite being small, its walls covered by more than 15,000 blue tiles, leave anyone speechless. They tell the story of Saint Francis of Assisi and Santa Catarina.

Church of San Francisco

tours and attractions in Porto

What to do in the city of Porto – Portugal. Photo: Concierge.2C / Wikimedia Commons

You can already see that the churches of Porto go far beyond religious places, they impress with their architecture and richness of details and the Igreja de São Francisco is no different. It has a Gothic style and was built in the 14th century as an annex to the Franciscan Convent with impressive decor inside. 

Bolhão Market 

Tours and attractions in Porto. Photo: António Amen / Wikimedia Commons

As in Brazil, in Europe there are several open-air markets, which are perfect places to get to know the local cuisine and even go shopping. Mercado do Bolhão, in Porto, is no exception to this rule. There tourists can find vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood of the best quality and have meals at any time of the day. 

D. Luís I Bridge

tours and attractions in Porto

What to do in the city of Porto – Portugal. Photo: Disclosure

The D. Luís Bridge is that little piece of Porto that tourists feel like visiting several times. One of the most iconic sights in the city is an iron bridge built in 1886, whose structure was completed by a student of Gustave Eiffel, the creator of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It connects the city of Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia, a neighboring municipality, famous for its wine cellars. The view leaves anyone in love with the contrast between city and nature, on the banks of the Douro River. 

Santa Catarina street

tours and attractions in Porto

Tours and attractions in Porto. Photo: Krzysztof Golik / Wikimedia Commons

The shopping paradise in Porto has a name and is located on Rua Santa Catarina, a region with several branded stores, which is very busy and frequented not only by tourists, but also by locals. It is there that one of the most famous coffee shops in the city is located, Café Majestic. Be sure to try the francesinha, a traditional snack based on bread, cheese, ham, fried egg and a secret sauce to bring that dose of energy for the trip.


Things to do in Porto - Portugal

What to do in the city of Porto – Portugal. Photo: Pxhere

Enjoy all the charm that the city of Porto has to offer by visiting the Ribeira district, located next to the Douro River, it is a boardwalk full of bars, restaurants and souvenir shops, impossible to get any more touristy. However, it is there that most visitors look for a special meal, with the right to an unforgettable landscape and good glasses of wine. 

Garden of Olives

Things to do in Porto - Portugal

Tours and attractions in Porto. Photo: Disclosure

Recently opened, Jardim das Oliveiras is an oasis made up of olive trees, located at the top of a shopping arcade, with shops and restaurants. This little bit of green in the middle of downtown is a haven for visitors and residents alike, which still has a lovely view of the Torre dos Clérigos, in the center of town. 

Matosinhos beach

tours in Porto

Photo: Disclosure

Did you think that the city of Porto did not have a beach? Matosinhos Beach is just 10 km from the center and offers bathers an immense shore, where it is possible to practice different outdoor sports. In addition, the rougher sea is ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. 

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