Lots of joy, beaches and enchanting nature, all this you will find on a trip to Porto Seguro, one of the most coveted destinations in the Brazilian northeast. See tips on what you can do once you get there

safe harbor is a city that is located 700 km from savior and is the perfect destination for those who enjoy partying, music and dancing amidst incredible beaches. There, sadness has no first place because of its kiosks that are super structures with a very lively atmosphere and exuberant nature. Not to mention that it is a historic landmark for Brazil, with monuments, museums and churches that are part of the time of discovery. If not enough, it is still one of the options in the Northeast with great cost-benefit in terms of tourism. 

Things to do in Porto Segurotgeto

Historic center 


The historic center of Porto Seguro is listed by Iphan (Institute of National Historic Heritage) and recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of Humanity. You can see his importance to our country. When you get there, you will notice that there is an Upper and Lower City, but both bring together some very important tourist spots for Brazil, such as the Marco do Descobrimento and several churches, which marked the mission of the Jesuits at the time, such as  Nossa Senhora da Pena Church and Nossa Senhora da Misericórdia Church. Plus, it's a great place to pick up that travel souvenir. 

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Porto Seguro Museum 

Photo: Ygor Matheus Lacerda de Melo / Wikimedia Commons

The place is an old chamber and jail, found in the historic center, which gave rise to Brazil. The collection tells about the life of the Indians who inhabited the place before the arrival of the Portuguese. There are several items that were used by the tribes at the time and there is still a room that was used as a jail. 

Alcohol Walkway

Photo: Disclosure

The alcohol walkway, also known as the discovery walkway, is synonymous with partying, much sought after at night in Porto Seguro by tourists who want to warm up for parties, as there are numerous stalls selling drinks. It is also the best place to get to know the local cuisine and shop for handcrafted items. 

Taperapuã beach  

Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

Hard to choose which is the liveliest place in Porto Seguro, but one thing is for sure, Taperapuã is one of them. The beach is just 7 km from the city center and has a calm and waveless sea, ideal for a swim. However, the waterfront is dominated by tents that set the tone for this open-air party. The most famous are TôaTôa, Axé Moi and Barramares, which in addition to great music, also offer lunch and good drinks. Curious? Then learn more about them. 

Axé Moi

Attractions in Porto Seguro

Axé Moi. Photo: reproduction

Start preparing your choreography and axé playlist so you don't feel embarrassed when you arrive at Axé Moi. It is the largest tent on Taperapuã beach, with a simple 200m. There you can't stand still, with shows, dancing and lots of flirting. 


Attractions in Porto Seguro

Attractions in Porto Seguro. Photo: Marcio Filho / Flickr

The last tent on Taperapuã beach that takes the action to the liveliest shore in the Northeast, Barramares is another attraction that cannot be left out of any travel itinerary. Its structure is one of the largest in Brazil and there is no shortage of attractions: luau, lambaeróbica show, dance classes…be prepared to spend a lot of energy. 

Mutá Beach and Coroa Vermelha 

Attractions in Porto Seguro

Attractions in Porto Seguro. Photo: reproduction

Praia do Mutá and Coroa Vermelha are located in the city of Santa Cruz de Cabrália, 23 km from Porto Seguro. It is the opposite of its neighbor, it is a place for those looking for rest and disconnection, without the hustle and bustle found on downtown beaches. Praia de Mutá has clear waters and in some places some natural pools are formed. It's perfect to spend a quiet day, as there are kiosks that serve snacks and drinks. Coroa Vermelha also has a sea without waves and is close to a center with several handicraft shops and a church. When leaving the beach, be sure to stop by. 

Humpback Whale Watching

Tours in Porto Seguro

Attractions in Porto Seguro. Photo: reproduction

It's not just parties and beaches that Porto Seguro offers, for lovers of marine life, the humpback whale watching tour is a must! Indicated to be done between July and October, when the largest mammals on the planet come towards the coast of Bahia for reproductive purposes. The tour is done on a boat that takes you to strategic viewing points. 

Recife de Fora Marine Park 

Tours in Porto Seguro

Tours in Porto Seguro. Photo: Disclosure

Another suggestion that cannot be left out of the list of those who are passionate about snorkeling is a visit to the Marine Park of Recife de Fora, the third largest center of marine biodiversity in Brazil. On this tour there are chances to see fish, turtles, corals, reefs and lots of life under the sea. 

Round trips from Porto Seguro

Many tourists choose to stay in Porto Seguro, as the cost benefit is much better compared to other cities. Therefore, some day trips are common. Meet some of them.

Arraial d'Ajuda

Tours in Porto Seguro

Photo: Disclosure

In minutes you arrive in Arraial d'Ajuda, it's so close that it looks like a neighborhood of Porto Seguro, but it's a neighboring district. Its beaches are the biggest incentive for this day trip. The most sought after are: Praia do Mucugê, the closest to the center, with urban characteristics; Pitinga and Taípe, more distant, but with an impressive view, with blue sea and cliffs. Don't miss out on the Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Park, which has numerous attractions for all ages, with toboggans, lagoons, sand court and tree climbing. Just choose the level of adventure and fun. 


Tours in Porto Seguro

Photo: Disclosure

Trancoso is 47 km (by ferry) and 77 km (by road) from Porto Seguro, it is very popular and even sought after by celebrities, since its natural beauties are enchanting. Not forgetting the historic center that is pure charm with colorful houses, churches and museums that marked the history of Brazil. Now, in terms of the beach, be sure to visit Praia do Espelho, if you want to experience a more rustic look, with preserved nature. If you're lucky, with the ideal weather conditions, the sea looks like a mirror it's so bright. 


Tours in Porto Seguro

Tours in Porto Seguro. Photo: Marcelino Dias / Wikimedia Commons

Caraíva is a seaside village that has been winning the hearts of tourists who like a more rustic walk. Just 70km from Porto Seguro, it is a perfect place to spend a day. It will be difficult to stay just one. The tour along the Caraíva River is a must, as is watching the sunset there. The beaches are also the highlight of the trip, among them Praia da Brava and Praia de Caraíva, with more structure and there are also quieter options. Nightlife in the region is also unforgettable, with bars and restaurants right on the beach. 

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