Itinerary shows the best of Bonito for those who want to enjoy the city in a few days

Abundant nature, crystal clear waters, phenomenal fauna and flora. the municipality of Beautiful, at the Mato Grosso do Sul It is the right destination for those looking to relax surrounded by natural scenery. tours ecological and full of adrenaline will make a weekend more than enough to put stress aside.

Not sure what to do in Bonito in a few days? Different local agencies operate itineraries in Bonito, tour packages can be customized according to your stay in the city. You will find many tour agencies that show these and other tours through the natural beauties of the municipality for those who have a few days in the destination.

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Things to do in Bonito

The city offers several tours for lovers of ecotourism, adventure and nature. If you have few days to travel, we have separated some options of what to do in Beautiful so you don't waste time during your stay.

for those who seek Beautiful as a destination, you cannot miss the city's postcard. The Gruta do Lago Azul, which is about 20 km from the city, is a million-year-old cave that has been the scene of movies and soap operas. Inside the cave there is a lake of crystal clear waters of unknown depth, where fossils of prehistoric animals have been found.

Blue Lake Grotto. Photo: Alexandre Lobo

After a dip in one of the largest flooded cavities in the world, the suggestion is to just float down the river in one of the most crystalline waters on the planet. The Sucuri River, located at Fazenda São Geraldo, is famous for its calm and clear waters that provide an underwater view that reaches incredible distances. The tour lasts around 50 minutes and runs for about 2 km, involving the tourist in a kind of natural aquarium.

Sucuri River. Photo: Rodrigo Holanda

For adrenaline junkies, there is no shortage of adventure in the city. For those who are not afraid of heights, Abismo Anhumas awaits you. The underground cave, which is 23 km from Bonito, can only be accessed by abseiling, in a descent of 72 meters to a lake of crystalline waters that reaches up to 80 meters deep where you can float or, having basic diving, practice scuba diving.

Anhumas Abyss. Photo: Caio Vilela

And the adventure doesn't stop there. Leaving aside the calm and crystalline waters of the lagoons, the Rio Formoso provides an exciting ride through its rapids and waterfalls. In an inflatable boat you can face the current while observing the stunning fauna and flora on the banks of the river.

Rafting Rio Formoso. Photo: Carolina Mazmanian

Finally, don't leave the city before visiting Parque das Cachoeiras. Starting with a trail inside the riparian forest of Rio Mimoso, the visitor will be able to know seven beautiful waterfalls, being able to bathe in six of them. In addition to visiting small caves and natural pools.

Waterfall Park. Photo: Anderson Luis Schmidt

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