Check out great tips on what to do in Pucón and be enchanted by this amazing city in the countryside of Chile

Pucon is a small town located in the southern region of Chile, being considered one of the best and most charming tourist resorts in the interior of the country, to be visited. And there is no shortage of reasons for this, as the place offers several tourist attractions linked to ecotourism, extreme sports and gastronomy. In addition to having one of the most famous volcanoes in the country: Villarica.

Things to do in Pucon

What to do in Pucón: tours and places to visit. Huerquehue National Park. Photo: Chris_C_M / Flickr

THE tour through the city of Pucon can be initiated by the imposing Villarica volcano, the main attraction tourism in the region. For most Brazilians, seeing a volcano up close is a dream. This dream can be realized peacefully there.

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The summit of Villarica is at an altitude of 2,840m. As an active volcano, Villarica impresses with the constant puff of smoke, being blue during the day and half orange on clear nights. It is possible to see it from any corner of the city, which makes it the main postcard of Pucon.

It is possible to climb the Villarica volcano, reaching its summit during the summer, when the snow has melted. But this activity can never be done alone or with a group of tourists. We must always have the accompaniment of an experienced guide. Not only to follow the correct route of the tour, but also because only the guides will be able to tell us if that day specifically the weather conditions for climbing are favorable or not.

In winter, the volcano takes on an incredible appearance because it is covered by snow. Thus, it is possible to ski at its base, as the place becomes a ski resort for tourists.

Another must-see spot in Pucon is the Huerquehue National Park, 40km away from the city center. The park is surrounded by a native forest, with beautiful lakes, ponds and waterfalls. From inside it is possible to have an incredible view of the Villarica volcano.

For trekking lovers, Huerquehue has mountainous terrain with an elevation between 750 and 2,000 meters. To give you an idea, it is about 14km comprising the basic route that will take us to the lakes in the park. Despite steep and intermediate-level stretches, tourists are treated to beautiful waterfalls along the way.

As highlighted just above, Pucon is the home of adventure sports in Chile. And also water sports. For fans, the Trancura River is ideal for rafting. A great place to enjoy a kayak or sail is Lake Villarica. But if it's all about making the effort, boat trips on this lake are also available.

But not only from extreme sports lives the place. Among the options on what to do in Pucon we find the Geometric Baths, 80km away from the center. It is a complex that offers thermal and medicinal waters for its visitors. After all, this Chilean city offers an abundance of hot springs due to the fact that the region is surrounded by other volcanoes besides Villarica.

In Geometric Baths we find pools with water reaching temperatures between 32 and 45 degrees. The place is rustic, rough and geometric, but also pleasant and relaxing, with private spaces available. Inside the baths are 17 wells, 4 of which are cold and 13 of hot water, formed by natural springs that run through the mountains. The place is open all year. But the journey there is faster and safer in the summer, with less fog and no snow on the road.

How to get to Pucon

What to do in Pucón: tours and places to visit. Ojos del Cabburga. Photo: Jonathan Hood / Flickr

The preference for travelers is to travel to Pucón by car. Especially if this tour starts in Santiago. Its closest national highway is Ruta 5 Sur, which meets Ruta 199, the highway that cuts through the city. It takes 10 hours to travel 780km from the Chilean capital.

By bus the journey is longer, of course. The companies Tur Bus, JAC and Pullman make this connection from Santiago. What few people know is that Pucón has an airport, but that it only performs domestic flights in the summer.

Temuco, a nearby city that is 125km away, also has a domestic airport. This one works all year and has vans and buses that connect the two locations.

Where to stay in Pucon

What to do in Pucón: tours and places to visit – Salto El León. Photo: Stephen Chip / Flickr

To stay in Pucón, we recommend two excellent accommodations: the Boutique Hotel CasaEstablo it's the Hostal La Nuez.

THE Boutique Hotel CasaEstablo It is located in the arms of the Villarica volcano, in the midst of vegetation, flora and fauna. Its location is on the Pucón-Villarrica Way, km 6.

already the Hostal La Nuez It is a hostel located just 100 meters from the city center, at 361 Colo Colo. It is possible to find shared rooms if you are traveling with friends.

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