Are you going to visit the Marvelous City and don't have a schedule for rainy days? Check here a list of opportunities to enjoy in Rio de Janeiro with rain!

When we talk about the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro, we think directly about a beautiful sun and the beautiful beaches and their viewpoints. Travelers to Rio rarely have a schedule, or itinerary, of what to do in the city on rainy days. 

As it is a truly wonderful city, there is no shortage of places to visit and things to do. Rain or shine, this is a charming place and the activities provided may surprise you. 

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On rainy days, tourists and travelers can take the opportunity to get to know the history of our country a little more closely, as well as discover other tourist attractions that stand out. Look!  

Tips on what to do in Rio de Janeiro on rainy days

How about an impressive tour of the city? The opportunities are many and to help you, we have listed some of the most sought after attractions by travelers. So, you enjoy Rio de Janeiro much more even on rainy days. Write down!

Take a walking tour of the Historic Center

Rio de Janeiro with rain

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The city has a historic center filled with important events in Brazil. It also has places that refer to important events that took place in the city. Among them, the signing of the Golden Law in 1888, which abolished slavery in the country. 

With many other points that have marked history, travelers can make a free walking tour in Rio de Janeiro to learn more about the facts. Some of the main historical attractions are: 

  • National Library
  • Municipal Theater
  • Candelaria Church
  • Columbus Confectionery
  • imperial palace
  • Royal Portuguese Cabinet
  • Tax Island

Discover the Planetarium

Rio de Janeiro with rain

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A great option is also to know the Rio de Janeiro Planetarium. In addition to being well located, it is opposite the bus station, facilitating access for visitors. In addition, the site has free parking. The foundation belongs to public law and its objective is to teach and disseminate subjects related to the science of astronomy. 

Take a tour of the malls in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro with rain

Another trip that few do without is that visit to the Mall, especially women. In Rio you can choose which of the many malls you want to go to and then enjoy as much as you want. 

  • Village Mall
  • new america
  • Shopping Rio Sul
  • Americas Shopping
  • Carioca Shopping
  • Grande Rio Shopping
  • Tijuca Off Shopping
  • Shopping Jardim Guadalupe
  • And others.

Go to AquaRio

Rio de Janeiro with rain

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As the largest marine aquarium in South America, AquaRio has several enclosures, which are home to different marine species. In total there are 350 species from all over the world and currently total a little more than 5 thousand animals. It is a great place to enjoy the marine life and the attractions offered by the place.

enjoy a movie 

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Who doesn't like a movie, right? If you're on a rainy day in Rio de Janeiro, take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite movie in first-class cinemas. There are a few options in the city where the quality and technologies will make you feel inside the screen. Are they:

  • Kinoplex
  • KinoEvolution
  • IMAX
  • platinum

Visit a museum

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There are many museums around the city and there is certainly one closer that will catch your attention. Also, depending on the day of the week you are ready to visit them, you can visit the attractions in Rio for free. See a list of some museums in Rio de Janeiro!

  • Weir Museum
  • Rui Barbosa House Museum
  • Indian Museum
  • Villa-Lobos House
  • Museum of Art of Rio (MAR)
  • Museum of Tomorrow
  • National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Naval Museum
  • And many others.

So, did you like the tips on what to do in Rio de Janeiro on rainy days? Now you know that the city does not receive the title of “wonderful” just because it is beautiful by nature, right?

After all, it is one of the few places in the world that we can consider as complete for tourism. This is because it offers attractions for sunny, rainy, winter, summer days, for those who enjoy nature or cultural centers and even for those who want to take a walk at any time of the day or night.

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