Discover the best places to visit and how to make the most of winter in Santiago, the capital of Chile

The winter season Santiago is coming and, along with it, several amazing attractions to enjoy the city. With breathtaking landscapes, such as the impressive Andes mountain range, the city is sought after by tourists especially during this season of the year, when temperatures drop and snow begins to appear on the mountains.

For Brazilians who are used to the tropical climate, having contact with the snow and experiencing ski and snowboard it's an incredible opportunity. But that's not all: those who visit the Chilean capital in winter enjoy various attractions such as typical dances, good cuisine, visits to wineries, cultural activities and much more. 

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Follow here what you can't miss during the winter in Santiago. Take your coats out of the closet and have a nice trip!

Skiing in Valle Nevado

what to do in santiago winter

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It's impossible to talk about Chile and winter and not mention the incredible ski resorts near Santiago. The most famous of them, Valle Nevado, is one of the largest complexes in the country. Approximately one hour from the Chilean capital, the space at an altitude of 3100 meters offers more than 40 kilometers of slopes of different difficulty levels. For those who want to take their first steps in snow sports, there are instructors who teach beginners skiing and snowboarding. 

There are several options for playing in the snow that guarantee a day of fun, in addition to watching the most experienced performing extreme maneuvers on their skis, which is quite exciting. Valle Nevado offers great restaurants, hotels and resorts that form the large complex. For those who are just going to spend the day, there are shops, bars and snack bars, as well as places to rent appropriate clothing for the snow. 

Valle Nevado is just one of the ski resorts close to Santiago, so it's also worth visiting neighboring La Parva, El Colorado and Farellones, which together offer more than 120 kilometers of ice slopes.

Visit wineries in the Chilean winter

what to do in santiago winter

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Chile is one of the biggest wine producers and its labels are undeniably among the best in the world. Therefore, a visit to the country requires you to visit at least one winery. The good news is that Santiago has several wineries in its surroundings. What better activity to do in winter than tasting good Chilean labels and enjoying all the charm of these places? 

Some spaces in the region offer complete tours, where it is possible to know from the manufacturing processes, how the wines are produced, the history behind each tradition and, finally, the delicious tastings. Among the most charming wineries near Santiago is Concha y Toro, where you can take a tour of the property and get to know each stage of its production, in addition to enjoying a unique look. Another very beautiful winery and much visited by Brazilians is Undurraga, which offers romantic landscapes and excellent labels. 

Enjoy the typical dances of the city

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What better way to keep warm in winter than dancing? Take advantage of the low temperatures of the city to get to know Cueca, traditional Chilean music. In the dance, the dancers with a scarf in their right hand make several movements and look into their partner's eyes, feeling the rhythm.

Several restaurants in Santiago offer dance performances along with delicious dinners. Among the most famous names that offer a lively night of Cueca and good gastronomy are the Al Apero and El Huaso Enrique restaurants. This is a way to soak up the city's culture, have fun and still ward off the cold. 

Warm up in the hot springs in Cajón del Maipo

what to do in santiago winter

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110 kilometers from Santiago is one of the most beautiful regions in Chile, known as Cajón del Maipo. Formed in the middle of the Maipo River Valley and in the middle of the Andes, the place has incredible landscapes and also offers the possibility of practicing various activities in nature, such as rafting, trekking, horseback riding, among others. In winter, you can still warm up in one of the hot springs like Baños da Colina, Baños Morales and Termas del Plomo. 

The places offer baths in hot waters that sprout due to the volcanic activity that occurs in the region, reaching 63ºC. In addition to the hot baths, the landscape around is surreal. Therefore, this is another tour that you cannot miss during the winter in Santiago.

Enjoy the incredible Chilean cuisine

what to do in santiago winter

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The chill and the magic of winter seem to whet our appetite even more. Therefore, one of the activities you should enjoy in Santiago during the winter is to taste some of the typical delicacies that the city has to offer. 

The empanada, a classic from South America, is one of the delights you can try in Santiago, especially the pine empanada, whose filling is a mixture of pieces of meat, onions, boiled eggs, among other condiments. To escape the chill, the Porotos Con Rienda dish is a cooked bean with several other ingredients, such as rice and sausage.

Lomo a Lo Pobre would be a Chilean version of the traditional Brazilian PF, where a steak of beef, potatoes and fried onions are served. Not to mention the wines, which are widely offered in Santiago and perfectly match the cold winter weather. 

Discover cultural attractions and museums

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On days when it gets cold and you want to do activities indoors, why not plan a trip to one of the many museums in Santiago? La Chascona Casa Museo is one of the houses where the famous Chilean poet Pablo Neruda lived in the city and offers a lot of information about the artist, as well as a collection of original furniture and objects used by him. 

The Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art is quite an amazing tour to do in Santiago. Divided into two floors, you can discover more about the history of pre-Columbian America, with artifacts that are more than 3,000 years old. The National Museum of Fine Arts, in addition to being located in a beautiful building, offers a complete collection for art lovers and presents works from different periods, from the 19th century to the present day. 

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