The largest city in Alagoas brings together history, cultural itineraries and some of the most coveted landscapes in the Northeast region. Discover tips on places, tours and things to do in Maceió!

Maceió It is one of the most touristy cities in the Northeast region and is also used as a starting point for different beach and nature itineraries in the state of Alagoas. The capital offers a wide variety of leisure options throughout the city and neighboring municipalities with tours gastronomic, diving, buggy rides, rafts, catamarans and a multitude of attractions that captivate tourists of all ages. Regardless of the direction you take, in a few kilometers of road it is also possible to discover beautiful traditional coastal communities, fishing villages and caiçara towns that impress with their history, scenic beauty and paradisiacal climate. Maceió it is right in the middle of the main destinations in Alagoas, being an excellent place to use as a base for your trip.

a good part of Alagoas coast it is surrounded by extensive coconut groves that are lost in the landscape. The beaches are almost always warm and offer a pleasant temperature to enjoy with small children without great worries. The coral barrier surrounds a good part of the Alagoas coast, transforming extensive beaches into natural pools by the sea with a great diversity of marine life. The absence of waves allows for a calm sea throughout the year, which makes it suitable for bathing in real aquariums preserved with transparent waters.

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Maceió. Photo: Fred Cardoso / Shutterstock

There is no shortage of alternatives for those seeking what to do in maceio, ideal destination to enjoy the hot days, whether on a romantic trip or with your family. Different attractions in the capital of Alagoas and inland are worth your visit. As the historic city of piranhas, in the region of the Alagoas hinterland on the banks of the São Francisco River. The city is part of the circuit San Francisco roads, a route that passes through colonial cities that border the “Velho Chico”.

Leaving for one of the ends of the exuberant coast, the surprises don't stop! There are different tours that can be done with their own vehicles or with the support of local agencies that offer exclusive itineraries, as in the case of the company destination Alagoas, who supported us throughout the trip. For those who want to know this still preserved part of Brazil, some tours are essential for discover the best of Maceio and its surroundings. Check out what to do in Maceio:

Things to do in Maceio

urban beaches

Maceió rigorously receives the title of “the most beautiful capital of the Northeast”. Not surprisingly, this is one of the cities that most offer tourist attractions for those looking for sun, beach and nature and outdoor activities. At different points on the main shore it is possible to contemplate a unique landscape with coconut trees that lean towards the blue-toned sea, and even on urban beaches, some tours can be taken to discover the gems that the capital of Alagoas has to offer. And on Pajuçara beach that the rafts rest in front of the sea, offering trips to the pools. THE Ponta Verde Lighthouse it is one of the postcards of the capital and is located in the neighborhood that bears the same name, during low tide it is possible to get very close to the imposing construction that emerges on the high seas.

The busiest kiosks in the capital are also spread along the coast, offering traditional dishes served in the best “foot in the sand” scheme. Almost always packed with live music that value Northeastern traditions. Xaxado, forró, fife bands and MPB bring joy to Alagoas and tourists who choose to taste typical delicacies by the sea. It is also in front of the beach that the main hotels in Maceió are concentrated, such as the Beach breezeBreeze TowerCostamarPraia Bonita PajuçaraBonita Jatiuca Beach and so many others.

Natural Pools of Pajuçara

It is also in the neighborhood of Pajuçara that the raft rides following to the coral reefs, which can only be visited during low tide. The natural pools form approximately 3 km away from the beach, inviting visitors for a peaceful dip in crystal-clear waters. The rafts glide in the sea of serene waters that remain with pleasant temperatures throughout the year, being an attraction recommended for all ages.

Pajuçara Handicraft Fair

The strategic location of Breeze Praia Hotel allows you to know some attractions that are scattered along the coast. It is a few meters of walk to reach the main bars, kiosks, restaurants, shops, galleries and shops spread across the noble center of the districts of Pajuçara and Ponta Verde. THE Craft Fair de Pajuçara is also very close to the beach, being the right stop to guarantee that typical delicacy or buy handicrafts and souvenirs from your trip.

Bodega do Sertão

The restaurant Bodega do Sertão it is another stop for those who want to know a little of the strong country culture without leaving Maceió. The house offers a true journey through the history and typical flavors of the northeastern hinterland. Its structure in the shape of a coffee pot and construction in taipa, keeps an authentic experience for Alagoas and tourists who pass through the neighborhood. jatiúca. Inside the restaurant, handicrafts and traditional Northeastern decorations create a charming setting, accompanied by a buffet complete with the best of regional sertanejo cuisine.

What to do on the south coast of Alagoas

French Beach

Continuing along the south coast, it is approximately 25 km to the French Beach, in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro. The beach has become known for the immense coral barrier that stretches into the water like a fortress, creating a natural pool with no waves and reasonable depths. The stops for bathing could not be better, in addition to diving in calm waters on the edge of the beach, catamaran tours take tourists to more isolated and paradisiacal spots, in a tour that allows to know better the variety of marine life found in the region.

French Beach. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Historic Center of Marechal Deodoro

It is impossible to talk about the history of Brazil without mentioning the importance of the Alagoas municipality of Marshal Deodoro. The city was the first capital of Alagoas, but it was only considered a National Historic Landmark in 2006. The current name of the city was made official in 1939, serving as a tribute to Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca, the city where the proclaimer of the Republic and first president of the Brazil.

With an inland climate, the historic center of Marechal Deodoro holds immeasurable historical riches that are still little known to the general public. The house where Marechal Deodoro was born is still intact and has become a museum that narrates the family's trajectory with photographs, paintings, newspaper clippings and a select collection of the time. In addition to the marshal's personal belongings, such as medals, coats of arms, crockery, furniture and household items, some environments also portray exactly how the house was at the time.

Barra de Sao Miguel

Recently, Barra de São Miguel beach has become one of the most popular in Alagoas. With a strong influence of the tide, the landscape changes constantly throughout the day. During the ebb of the sea, sandbanks appear close to the corals, creating a formidable stop for swimming. It is at this moment that a catamaran docks on the sandbar and starts serving snacks and drinks on the small island that appears in the sea. Tables and chairs are set up daily as the sandbar appears and access is by small boats. The transparent and extremely warm waters invite us for a peaceful dip overlooking the city.

Gunga Beach

Praia do Gunga was once considered one of the most beautiful in Brazil and is just 33 km from Maceió, located within the largest coconut farm in Alagoas. The scenery could not be better, bathed by the waters of the ocean and by the lagoon of Roteiro, the extensive beach is one of the busiest in the region. Take the opportunity to rent a quadricycle and continue riding among the coconut trees on the farm until reaching the cliffs located at the end of the beach. The tour lasts an average of 2 hours, and two people are allowed per vehicle.

View from the viewpoint of Praia do Gunga. Photo: Gustavo Albano

On the way to the entrance to Fazenda do Gunga. Photo: Gustavo Albano

What to do on the north coast of Alagoas 


The tranquility of the municipality of Paripueira, the first city on the north coast, is already quite different from the capital. The small village atmosphere Sonho Verde beach, does not make it seem that we are just 32 km from Maceió. On one side of the beach are concentrated some local bars and restaurants, moving away a little, the beach starts to get more deserted. The bars give space to a few traditional caiçara houses that appear on the way and tranquility takes over the place.

San Miguel dos Milagres

Following the AL-101, visitors arrive at San Miguel dos Milagres, where are some of the most deserted beaches in Alagoas. The extensive strips of coconut palms are still preserved throughout much of the Alagoas coast, the light green of the coconut palms is even clearer with the morning light that seems to bless this preserved stretch of the Coral Coast. Walking along the beach, only a few fishermen circulate with their nets and canoes for another day of sailing along this paradisiacal beach.

Port of Stones

Located just 2 hours from Maceió, the small town of Porto de Pedras shows an almost untouched part of the Alagoas coastline. Away from the great movement of tourists, the municipality with a village face is the right destination for those looking for a peaceful climate and exuberant beaches. THE Patacho Beach it is 6 km from the city center, but can be accessed by roads that border the sea or by walking along the beach for those who are willing. It is on this beach that a select number of charming inns by the sea are concentrated.


Maragogi is the most coveted destination in the state and one of the last municipalities on the north coast of Alagoas. Also accessed by the AL-101, the city is famous for its codename “Brazilian Caribbean”. The waters become even more crystalline during the trip to the natural pools, very close to the center. During low tide, which varies daily, the transparency of the water is even more inviting for an unforgettable dive between the coral barriers.

Sao Miguel dos Milagres. Photo: Joel Epifanio Porto Junior / Shutterstock

Maragogi is one of the jewels of the Alagoas coast. Photo: Gustavo Albano

What to do in the Alagoas hinterland


Still little known by tourists, Piaçabuçu is one of the great gems that can be found on the north coast of Alagoas. This is also one of the stops for those who know the Alagoas hinterland visiting the cities that border the Velho Chico. The Golden Dunes create a true oasis by the sea, in a desert landscape surrounded by coconut trees. The agency buggy tour Foz Lighthouse It is one of the most recommended activities. During the journey, we arrive by land to the mouth of the São Francisco River, where the imposing river flows into the sea. The end of the tour ends with a return to the city aboard small local boats, accompanied by the sunset seen from the river.

Quilombola community located between the Golden Dunes of Piaçabuçu. Photo: Gustavo Albano


Penedo is one of the colonial cities that make up the Caminhos do São Francisco route, being founded by the Portuguese during the 16th century. Built on the banks of the river, the city of Penedo had great historical importance for the state. Today the buildings and churches of colonial Brazil are still preserved, being a true living museum within the northeastern hinterland. The religiosity still present and very characteristic of the municipality, can be seen in the numerous churches and museums that the city offers.

Penedo is one of the historic cities that border the São Francisco River. Photo: Gustavo Albano


Also from the colonial period, Piranhas is another Alagoas jewel that has not yet been discovered by the general public. The city borders the neighboring state of Sergipe and is the best-known gateway for those taking tours of the Xingó Canyon. Navigation along the São Francisco River is done on catamarans, starting at the city's port and going up to the orange walls surrounded by the undergrowth of the northeastern hinterland. In addition to the stop for swimming in the river, it is also possible to take canoes that take you to the narrowest part of the canyon.

THE Cangaço Route is another route that can be done near the city of Piranhas, in the Cangaço Eco Park. During the walk, guides dressed as cangaceiros show a little of the history of Lampião and Maria Bonita, until arriving at Grota do Angico, where the couple and their gang were executed. It was also in the center of the city of Piranhas, that in 1938, the heads of the bandits were exposed on public roads. In the city it is also possible to visit the Sertão Museum, where it narrates a little of this period in the history of Piranhas.

Xingó Canyon, located on the border between Sergipe and Alagoas. Photo: Gustavo Albano

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