With the tips below, tourists will discover what to do in the Amazon, one of the most exuberant natural resources in the world. Check out!

To the north of the country is one of the main – if not the main – natural resources in the world, the Amazon. We are talking about a destination that knows how to enchant, in a very authentic way, its visitors. With distinct flora and fauna, the region is a splendid setting in terms of the environment and, therefore, knows how to offer tourists extraordinary experiences. And many people ask: what to do in the Amazon?

As much as the image of jungle and dense forest is still part of many stereotypes, it is important to know that it is a place where you can find hotels with complete infrastructure. The itineraries in the middle of the jungle and sailing into the forest already have luxurious boats that guarantee everyone's safety. 

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This is how the destination has been conquering its space in tourism and increasingly attracting the attention of travelers. According to a survey carried out by the Ministry of Tourism in 2017, 6.5% of Brazilians are attracted to the region. And all thanks to its superlative air in the offer of culture, gastronomy and landscapes. 

10 Amazon travel tips

That the Amazon is rich in many ways is already understandable, but the question still persists: what to do in the Amazon on a tourist itinerary? We will help tourists who want to discover discover one of the greatest natural masterpieces of the environment and give ten suggestions on how to enjoy the destination. Check out!

visit excellent capitals

Amazon travel tips

Amazon travel tips. Photo: Ivo Brasil / Wikimedia Commons

To reach the Amazon, it is very likely that tourists disembark in manaus or Bethlehem, two large cities full of life and cultural attractions that are gateways to the North of the country. The capital of Amazonas, for example, has 2.1 million inhabitants, while the capital of Pará has 1.4 million. However, what really sets them apart is their protagonism and proximity to the Amazon Rainforest. It is worth getting to know them and finding out which one will enchant you the most.

Immersion in the Amazon Rainforest

Ecological tourism is a major concern in the region, mainly in terms of respect for the environment and residents. Therefore, it is good for tourists and travelers to choose a suitable immersion experience. One way to do this is through accommodation, which offers comfort and tranquility to those who want to be close to the city. The program involves boat trips, visits to riverside communities and observation of nocturnal animals.

Boat trip

Photo: Pixabay

In the Amazon, forget the big roads. There the business is the rivers. And a real immersion in the region requires, necessarily, at least one boat trip. It can be carried out as a tour by several receptive tourism agencies. For those who enjoy luxury and high quality services, there are also options for cruises, a five-star version of the activity. 

enjoy the gastronomy

Gastronomy is an excellent way to learn more about the culture and customs of a place. Of course, the Amazon is no different. Most of the dishes are prepared with foods that are only available in the region, which makes the cuisine even more authentic and special. One of the best known ingredients is cassava, used in the preparation of tapioca, flour, broth, stews, among others. Fish, such as tambaqui and pirarucu, are also famous when it comes to food. 

Waterfall Bath

Amazon travel tips

Amazon travel tips. Photo: Luciano cta / Wikimedia Commons

go to President Figueiredo, 130 kilometers from Manaus, and not taking a good bath in a waterfall is considered an incomplete visit. There are more than a hundred waterfalls there, which can be easily taken advantage of in a day trip from the capital, which can be done through a travel agency, for example. For those who like to enjoy everything to the full, it is worth saving two to three days at the destination.

Adventure in Anavilhanas National Park

There are many parks in Brazil, but the Anavilhanas National Park is considered unique and should be on the traveler's itinerary. Located in Nova Airão, 180 kilometers from Manaus, is this natural attraction, which, like President Figueiredo, allows for easy back-and-forth. However, once again there is the opportunity to take a break on site and stay in the middle of the jungle in one of the available accommodation facilities.

Party in Parintins

Photo: Ministry of Culture / Wikimedia Commons

THE Parintins Festival is one of the biggest cultural festivities in Brazil. The parade counts with tunes, dances, floats and a lot of fans, divided between the ox Garantido (red) or the ox Caprichoso (blue). The festival takes place on the last weekend of June and lasts for three days. The parades are not the same as each other and, therefore, it is worth checking each one of them. But beware, tickets sell out quickly. 

Swim in Tapajos

The Tapajós River is the protagonist in Alter do Chão, a village of about 6,000 inhabitants that has gained fame over the years. There, it is possible to enjoy the crystal clear waters, especially between August and December, when it is the dry season and the beaches are emerging. Visitors will be able to combine tours and visits to riverside communities, delving even further into the destination that is rich in attractions. 

buffalo sighting

Amazon travel tips

Amazon travel tips. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On the island of Marajó, tourists can enjoy several beaches, hike in the mangroves, take some boat trips and even understand how ceramics are made. And, during all these activities, it is possible to see buffaloes in different parts of the island. There are so many that there are even police patrolling the streets of the cities. Visitors will be able to taste meat and cheese, even together, tasting the famous marajoara filet. 

Trekking in Monte Roraima

For those who love an adventure, this is a perfect tip. The rock formation, which is located between Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela, reaches an altitude of 2,800 meters, so we are talking about a place that is difficult to access. The route cannot be done alone and, therefore, there are tour companies specialized in the route. And believe me: the view is worth it!

And now? You are now ready to better enjoy this Brazilian wealth called the Amazon. Write down all the tips and plan to ensure an unforgettable trip that is extremely rich in diversity and culture. Enjoy!

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