THE Europe count with countless surprising destinations, but few of their attractions are as capable of dazzling and impressing tourists as those found in the Czech Republic.

The country offers nothing less than 12 World Heritage Sites that can be visited and known, a number that is impressive and is higher than that of neighboring Austria and great historical countries such as Egypt.

Due to its size, a short trip can already allow the traveler to have a good experience in the Czech Republic, but to ensure that no amazing attractions are overlooked, here are some of the country's must-see tours and cities.

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What to do in the Czech Republic

Prague is one of best cities to visit in the Czech Republic. The city is among the 10 most popular in the entire European continent and there is no lack of reasons to explain this fact.

The largest city in the country, the Czech capital is steeped in history and has several little-known attractions. Today, the most magical side of your past is brought to light in the exhibits at the Museum of Alchemists and Magicians of old prague, which invite the visitor to discover more about this ancient tradition.

Photo: Eleenwiki/Wikimedia

Still on the mystical side, Prague has one of the best-known astronomical clocks in the world, with four moving automata and rotating statues. The clock shows Babylonian time, Bohemian time, German time and sidereal time.

In addition, it also shows the phases of the moon and the sun's journey through the zodiac constellations and the calendar dial, just below the clock, shows the day of the month, day of the week, feast days and allegorical photos of the month. current and the zodiac signs.

Photo: Jialiang Gao/Wikimedia

Visitors flock to the Turkish baths and thermal spas in Budapest every year, but few think of going to the spas less busy than Czech republic. The country boasts a number of spa towns and in all of them you can find impressive examples of architecture and great spa and spa relaxation options.

One of the highlights is Karlovy Vary. considered a thermal water spa in the country and located 130 km from Prague, the city is wonderful and consists almost entirely of historic buildings, where the The Grand Hotel Pupp it's the Kaiserbad Spa are the two jewels in the crown.

Photo: Lienyuan Lee/Wikimedia

For those who love the 007 movies, the location may seem familiar as the spa's exterior was used as a location for the Casino Royale's exterior in the film of the same name. This was one of several occasions in which the spy set foot in casinos and is unforgettable due to the intense card duel between the agent and the villain Le Chiffre.

In addition to enjoying the city's hot springs and taking a look at the beautiful glass and porcelain that are produced there, it is essential to taste the delicious wafer of Karlovy Vary (Karlovarské oplatky) and the traditional Becherovka, whose recipe involves more than 30 different herbs.

Photo: Roman Boed / flickr

THE Czech republic it also has a wide variety of ski resorts and most are much less crowded and more affordable than other options. Therefore, for those who want to learn to ski or escape from crowded destinations without giving up beautiful landscapes, visit the city of Špindlerův Mlýn can be a perfect option to spend your winter holidays.

The best recommendation is to stay in resorts like the famous Hotel Praha, which has great facilities and is close to ski slopes that can please all levels of enthusiasts.

heart of europe

If all these factors were not enough to visit the Czech Republic, it is still known as the “heart of Europe”, due to the fact that this country is located in the center of the continent.

Due to its privileged location, the country is an important center and it is possible to use it as a base to reach several European countries and cities in just a few hours, even more considering the excellent efficiency of public transport in the region.

All this makes the Czech republic be an unmissable destination and all visitors who choose to visit it will have an unforgettable experience!

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